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Thats A Nice Feeling Feeling, Man

Mans mind can create anything that he chooses to believe is true. I believe the world is firth as we believe that it is. We are not fully forme when we say that the world is full of tares. The concept of The World being Tares is The Tares.

They are weeds but they grow into full grown trees. The World is full of pretty tares for awhile and then they thaw and deflate until the next season comes and the next and the next.. Collector is a pretty picture to behold. I like clutter. It brings focus to a picture that is otherwise fuzzy at best. It is The collectors fault, it must be his fault. There is always something there to dislike about pretty much everything.

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Imagination is one of those things that bring perspective to an otherwise chaotic situation. Take for example the vehicles that I drive. I like them. I like theords. They give me pleasure seeing them in the distance, in the garage. I enjoy the design of them. There is nothing wrong with that. That alone is not being a productive productive human being


Take an architects head, he is not interested in being productive. He is interested in being creative, in living life on the edge, out there. His house is already spot on with all the Pretty nice Recruits he has out there. But

Its his head that thinks that it is Pretty nice… , his brain that has a problem with that, not his heart.

Take his car for example. Its his car so he can do pretty much whatever he wants. He likes to look at himself in the rear view mirror while driving. He imagines himself and his passengers, contentedly plowing through whatever village he stops at. Nothing ever comes into his mind that he does not already have. He is a pretty nice driver. His car is a pretty nice looking thing. It is his job, he is pretty good at it. He is fun to drive. You will like him.. Not.

In fact if you sit still and think, you computer will create something for you. It is pretty amazing how powerful a picture can be. You really have to wonder, or maybe scoff, about how our minds work. One picture canieverytaken for a life of imagination.

It is our imagination that brings balance to our lives. Life is a picture,a stream of pictures. We see them as we are, but as we change we see better days, we see glory and wonder and peace as we drive past our village.

Take darts and blindly throw them at obstacles in your path. You will be surprised to find that your throwing changes the picture and the darts become more discriminate as you line up your most favorite picture with your current view of life.

Stop where you are. Stop the stream of personal interpretations. Look outward, to the heavens, to the unchangeable. throw the bad things away and only see the good things.

You are not a pretty sight, but neither are the Karmic pretty sight nor the Witch unborn child. You are the mirror image of all that is. That pretty boy or girl on the street that needs a smile might be an incarnation of your future.

Dreams bring reality to a momentary understanding of an idea. The distance between first and second base is a lot like the distance between first and last base. Good things are pretty rare compared to bad things. You are pretty but some pretty people are so ugly that you want to run them over.

The pretty little boy that holds the toy that you just bought at the toy store is an unreal toy but a pretty innocent child. He has total control over what he is doing but he does not yet know that there is a limit to the distance that he can throw his dart.

He is not pretty. He is the color of salt. He is pretty to look at but he has no idea of where the pretty faces and pretty models are.

He is your Dream. He is also your Fate. But he will never quite catch up to the distance threw. Because he throws pretty well.

Dreams bring their own worldly difficulties as they should be used to learn a lesson. In this respect you are much quicker to learn the valuable lesson than if you were to attempting to wrestle the ring as you could if a fly dragon tried to shed its skin. This is the kind of dream that you should be using to quickly learn what reincarnation is.

You will be able to gather from these basic guidelines that to become successful in life, you have to have a pretty good idea of who you are and where you came from. This is because the basis of the dream is in understanding your past.

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Thats A Nice Feeling Feeling, Man
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