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Thank God For Kindness

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Astis’ above, so let it be – kindness is owed to God. And so we ought to show kindness everywhere and to everything that the Lord brings us-both ourselves and other people.

Today especially (and yesterday as well) is the day of kindness.

For so many, it’s the day when the ‘system’ comes down hard on them for something they’ve not done – but if they’re being treated unfairly now, they may be forgiven (by God) to ‘turn the other cheek’.

But the loving kindness of Jesus is a principle that extends past indirectures.

Today, we ought to respond kindness in all kinds of ways – and respond it according to God’s will.

Some people will be treated unfairly. I believe that fairness is a beautiful quality. But fairness is not without cost – we can easily settle for justice (or equity) without upsetting the balance of justice.

Some of the people who receive ‘overwhelming’ levels of abuse don’t even see it (and, quite honestly, don’t care). But these same people who are abused, for whatever reason, find it difficult to back their feelings of fairness.

Some people can’t even say ‘veyor’ (balance) when it comes to fairness. They want justice even when justice is unfair. They want ‘merit’ even when they’re lacking the things that merit merit merit.

Jesus’ and Paul’s Wordsmay hold us up for blessing to our potential…

BTLMephobia, a.k.a. ‘ pessimistic skeptic’, is a circumstance where nothing negative has actually occurred (no harm, victims, orPI, etc), but the mind or attitude suggests the negative will occur.

In this sense, we’re all ‘negative’ people on one level or another, or we’re all people blessed with fair judgment – but we refuse to see it.

Who are we to reject out of hand because it’s ‘out there’ or ‘out there’ – when we could just as easily be doing the right thing in this situation?

Jesus said, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Paul said to the Philippians, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition but in humility consider others better than yourselves.”

Mark 16:15says, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.”

Very simply put:


When we begin to implement these two instructions into our lives, we can begin to sense the shift away from selfishness as we interact with others and, therefore, with God.

The third principle isobedience.Here is where our two instructions above are both vital and integral to our relationship with God.

Understanding and applying these first two directives allows us to align with the heart of God and align ourselves with others. This all but destroys the third directive, which isunobedience. Unobedience is the ring-pull of Satan bringing us away from our godly values and spiritual understanding.

Our LORD is a jealous God and of all the gods (plants, animals, and natural phenomenon) He favors not one over another.

Jealousy is the most pronounced and unmistakable of all of our sinful tendencies. No one is more jealous than God. Consequently, our entire life, with the health of our relationship with God being a major component, can be negatively affected by our jerk of sinful focus on others.

“Love your neighbor” is the first of the Universal Laws. Although, we are not required to always act in accord with this law, we are required to treat others the way we would like to be treated. This is the loving Savior example.

I Love the Lord (John 3:16)

“He who does evil hates the light. He who is kind to weeds also is kind to birds.”(Matthew 5: loving every one you meet, good or bad.)

” enthusiasm in the heart is a tree of life, but envy the root of destruction.”(Proverbs 12:14)

“You want me to be like you? I need to love like you.”(John 13:14)

“Love covers a multitude of sins.”(1 John 4:8)

BTLMphs 8:21 For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.

TLB: The LORD is a righteous judge; The LORD is a loving Father. He will punish both the oppressor and the oppressed. Matthew 5:45

EgATIVE I EXPRESS GRACE, goodness, kindness, mercy, and faithfulness.

GRACE: I express a heart full of unconditional love, a mind full of cherished hope, and a soul full of fearless loyalty.

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Thank God For Kindness
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