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Temptation’s Consequences

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Perhaps you’ve been on a road trip across the country, visiting one state or another. When your travels have wrapped up and come to an end, you return to the same place again, but maybe not together as you once remembered.

Perhaps you’ve passed through a city or a small town and your thoughts wandered to theierce of a rose or a chocolate cup or those kinds of shops that are always around. Once again, your sense of touching, sensing and breathing is encompassed with the sweet spot between a memory and a current sensation.

Whether it’s a sweet spot or a thunk or thunk, there is always a discordant note at work, surely?

Just when you think your thoughts are in harmony with your present circumstance, a new message streams in and distracts you from the fulfillment of your mental tasks.

Could it be a newly- entered general store or a variety of newly- established businesses competing for a market void of any kind?

Or, could it be the lingering thoughts of some lost or forgotten past that still, somehow, cling to you?

Whatever or whenever your case in regard to any of these (or similar) points, know this:

We get a thousand reasons to withhold information and present stories on why we’re not revealing everything we know to be out there for others to discover. If it’s a case of business or a case of marital situation, we don’t reveal everything because of normal business reasons.

In these instances, it’s not about refusing to be held accountable. The revelation of the truth does allow us to grow and, in most cases, allows us to grow in joy as well as time.

When we stand before asee Dorje or a set of Buddhist statues crossed with another in the 40-plus year history of those who came to prominence in America, we don’t reveal everything to these priceless treasures. We don’t reveal everything because, in not revealing everything, we would have to confront the uncomfortable truth.

Dorje, a tyrant, yogic god, and Buddhist deity, came into prominence in southern China in the prehistoric period. His legacy, philosophy and ritual lives on through the seventeeth century and into modern daySM churches and temples. There is clearly much to learn from the world of the ancient Chinese monk – even though he was a womanizer and his teachings are anything but godly. From witnessing Dorje’s world, one does not get, and certainly did not get, the message that, “we need to stop sinning.”

Even though Dorje’s teachings were seen as anything but godly, the statue’s symbolism captured the essence of a classic Buddhist philosophy point of view into the modern day world of business. Namely, that it’s acceptable to do business with anyone at anytime, even if they are an robber or a prostitute. To this day, there remains many questions to answer regarding the philosophies and practices of Buddhism and the Catholic Church. And, yes, these questions will continue to defy scientific understanding. But, through this world of confusion, mystique, miracles, and mysticism, the power of God can still effect genuine change within our lives. We can apply their proven techniques – and use the principles that have been applied to bring about genuine growth into our lives – to our various parts of our lives. Anything is better than nothing.

Dorje’s statue was created during the 13th century and soon after, was carved and articulated onto a slight bendy angle – shaped by sand and water. It stood between two 7-11 storeys and, at the time, the world believed in magic. Therefore, anytime a storey was broken, and subsequently, a storey was subsequently built, it was considered a bad omen. Such was the power associated with this “broken-storey” -there was a price to pay for its broken-ness! Thus, this inclined plane meant a curse upon the whoever was unfortunate enough to reside within its area of effect during the 13th century.

sleeps (while you’re sleeping) when superstition runs high, but when you awake, good or bad, you’re luckier than those living at the whim of the catastrophes of nature. You’ve got a few extra minutes before the sun hits it, at least. And, if you live in a cash-strapped country like ours where everything but the cash is hard to come by, you’ve got even more reason to live in hope, for events as natural as a thunderstorm can be harbored in the latent power of hope.

All things are possible to them that believe; for things were till cast into the air, and every thing was unto them which believeth; to them first light was brought, and then the Word of God. (Mark 9:23)

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Temptation’s Consequences
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