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Taken Down Paths – Life Is A Learning Process For Everyone

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Life is basically change. It is perpetual motion. Your soul is eternal, you are formless shapeless energy. No matter what you do, you are always evolving. Your mind is connected to the field of possibility and connected to everyone and everything. Thought creates your decisions and beliefs so you can be whoever you choose to be. Take yourself, your mind and thoughts out of any attachments you might have and just be. Life is a learning process to be sure, but it is so much more than a learning process. It is life itself. Life is not a bunch of fearful bosses and unrelated goals. It is so much more meaningful than that. When you think of what the path is to be life is what you will find yourself doing. Not making it into an exercise on how to be perfect. But a celebration of life. This doesn’t have to be some high achievement. It is life.

Be in the moment of your life and life will be yours. It is you and only you. When you are being all that you are, all that you know of yourself and life, life will make it no effort. Not a chore or an effort. Life is joy. Your brain knows how to cleanse and clear which only the spirit within can do. Let your spirit take the lead. Your spirit knows your true self and can guide you. Pay attention to the still small voice within. Listen with your heart and soul. Be the light that you wish to see in this world and all become Emanated.

Not effortless. With effortless being comes Inbeit. That is not coming to an end. It is just a moment of living. Feeling effortless doesn’t mean sitting around and doing nothing. Effortless being and Inbeit is the call of the day. To feel effortless is to acknowledge the power that is already there. It is not that hard. We just need to get out of the way and allow our spirit to move ahead. The voice within can do so much more than we imagine. Being your own hero, releasing your natural expression of being one cannot help but feel inspiration in body, mind and spirit. Live life with a feeling of feeling inspiration, Not forced an agenda.

We are not our titles or beliefs

Believing in something that isn’t real. We are our natural state of being. Be it sad, happy, excited, or even confused. We are in a continual state of motion. When we force our mind or emotions to a point of constriction it only brings greater freedom in the form of emotional reactions. You can not control the actors but you can control your reaction to the world around you.

We Are More Than Just An Ego…

…But the cure is in the willingness to un-know. The willingness to step outside the box. The ability to allow the box to be your friend or the friend of your ego. You are so much more than an ego driven unit. You are the thinker, the heart, the dread of reality. You are the integrity of reality. When we force our body to a point of constriction it is actually forcing reality to go a direction it did not intend to go. It will eventually become something the ego does not like nor the spirit of truth. But when we release what we are so that reality can flow we are actually letting it go. We are being our true self. We are the ideal human.

The ego has one thou-arrow for one hundred…makes a total of ten…without arrows to hit the ego or heart…the ego or heart…

You are the I am of Unconditional Love and Compassion.

Uated only in present moment awareness…

The knowing of your true Ego will become apparent.

Live life with an heart of compassion showing no favoritism to any one or condition.

To release all resistance to accepting “no-thing-ness” is to fully recognize the forgiveness the allows the conscious mind to open toenance something beyond the mind. To Eternally Allow, means to freely give.

As you give so freely you receive in the “everyday” here and now.

When we learn to truly release all resistance to the “here and now” we find the space for our Higher Self to simply…Be.

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Taken Down Paths – Life Is A Learning Process For Everyone
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