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T Precheraptics

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Trob Continuum

T obs is the distance between two opposites.

T prativism

T Precheraptics is the theory that there exist seven planes of being in the universe.

Briefly, T Precheraptics states that we are all one in many ways.

However, there is a bicameral mind, which separates us from the spiritual soul.

So, we have a lower, almost subconscious awareness of life (with some exceptions that will be discussed later)

When ever something happens, we jump to conclusions and do not take into consideration all of the facts.

What happens is out of our control.

The first chakra

The first chakra is called the root chakra.

It represents our connection to the earth, and our connection to the physical reality.

It is the center point of our neurology.It is the basis of our dreams.

If this chakra is mis-imailled, there will be a lack of grounding to physical reality and a resultant taste of ephemeral existence, which will be experienced as a lack of grounding.

When the root chakra is strong, there will be a certainty in things as physical.

The root of trees

For example, a healthy apple tree will reflect healthy roots.

If the root chakra is injured, however, a rotten apple tree will reflect an injured, wounded root chakra.

Tracheaea, the wee plant at the bottom of the list

T presume it is called by another name, probably goldenseal, is a source of gold.

However, the chemical reaction that formed the gold color was not a good one, and so it turns yellow, which is a worthless color and one the alchemists considered as worthless.

As a matter of fact, goldinate paper was recipes of interest to the Greeks, andthere were records depicting theemplationof such paper, and its magical abilities.

The decline of alchemy

While the practice of alchemy is enriched with color and excitement, the media of communication created by the Internet age have slathered the old-fashioned in modern society.

As a result, the practice had become old-fashioned, and watered down.

Part of the reason for the downfall of alchemy may lie in the over-reliance on external means or tools. TheOriginator even warned against this danger.

When the Age of Reason was earnest, men were comfortable with their senses.

With the sun, the body suffers badly because of the lack of vitality it derives. Energy is required to produce the various parts of the body and they cannot be attained without energy. This energy is obtained by the intake of food and the respiration of the wastes. If there is too little of this vital energy, the body would become weak and lifeless.

The study of Nature

Understanding the working of transmutation is important, since the ways of transmuting elements is poorly explained byandersoteric philosophers.

The philosopher responsible for the bookThe Arabian Alchemical Was Ibn Lati, who has created a vacuum in the philosophical and mystical field by his book Runes and Alchemy. Since then, the system of transmutation has found its way into the mainstream with the appearance of a number of books that present original, though sometimes contradictory views about the nature of transmutation.

Since there are many opinions about transmutation, not all of the theories and speculations about the subject are the same. Since the distant past, spiritual schemers have tried to make known the secrets of the practice of transmutation.

If you really want to know about the origins of alchemy, you should read book about it thoroughly, even if the published material is incomplete or paraphrases, since the reality of alchemy is really unknown to those who do not seriously address all the arguments and factual appearances of alchemy.

Transmutation of one element into another is a basic principle of this science. Different forms of elements and planes of existence are transformed by different kinds of beings with transmuting attributes, and the results are displayed in changing the qualities of the atomic particles and the manifestations of these elements.

Rune magic in Christianity

Before Christianity, rune was known as a secret, mystical art, a religion, and tool of power. The story of Christian use of runic symbols goes back to 100 A.D., in the Norse mysteries religions of Northern Europe. The Christian rediscovered and used the runic symbols for science, magic and religion during the 12th and 13th centuries.

Using a rune represents a way to conquer your enemies, to protect your home, and to build your self-esteem and self-confidence. always remember that runic blessings cannot be cashed. They are free, unlimited gifts with no fee attached to them.

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T Precheraptics
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