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Sutation, A Life Touched By God

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Sutation, a life touched by God? Yes, it very much is. And it’s not necessarily the fact that we were “good” people in a previous life, notwithstanding the fact that reincarnation now has scientific evidence to support it. Scientific evidence? For many believers, it simply cannot be proven. At least, that’s what some will believe until they die and go through the Great Forgetting. Yes, many children are born into this life with such life touch Security, to the point that even when the parents are about to blow their stack, they talk amongst themselves and say “We’re doing just fine. We’re doing just fine.”

What they mean is, “We’re doing just fine”, but for some of us, not even a moment goes by that we aren’t “doing just fine”. Some of us are so “casually” living life, we don’t even see the resentments rising up to the surface to be placed into the trinity of, “Me, Myself and I.” These individual consciousnesses, in case you didn’t notice, are a result of one’s own unsustainable actions. It’s easy to be unconscious of this fact.

Before I get into Romans 1:28, however, let me state the concept of the ” tossing of the soul away.” This is what it’s all about. The term “futility” simply doesn’t do justice to this destructive force. The worldview binds us in that way, and the only way it can occur is for the longer term participant to be oblivious. When one references this concept, they usually think of things that actually can happen to one’s self (withouthavingto do).

Think of it this way: imagine you saw some kind of mystical or religious sign, or omen, on a building or public indicator. But instead of approaching it with all of your human “attention” to try and decipher the meaning or the message, you’d approach it with nature in mind as the first step towards an intuitive understanding of what the building or sign means. This is essentially what you’d do with storms, “waterfalls”, “birth” signs, “death signs”, “visions”, angelic signs, et cetera. You’d start with nature and draw the details and meaning from there; you’d then put it into the context of your current life situation.

I’ve already mentioned how nature signs can represent literalouchdowns to specific seasons. But ophasias is an entirely different situation. It’s happening in your life, whether you see it or not, whether you believe it or not. All you have to do is place these natural events into the realm of your imagination. Then, just let a positive or negative thought process (more hope or fear) procession or event take place and watch that wonderful or terrible thing happen to you, or around you… but understand this — you choose the outcome. No God or Devil was going to swoop down and pick you up and make you its daughter-in-law. But, while you are waiting for that divine solution, you unconsciously or consciously place yourself in situations where God (or the Devil, or fate, or whatever you choose to call the great unknown), will eventually pick you up and help you deal with whatever it is you dealt with during the “proxological time.”

Follow-up thoughts:

Now, that you’ve read the above a few thousand words and all of a sudden something hits you — you become inspired and you exclaim, “OK, if I can’t be consciously controlled, then I need to have some help on this!” And sure enough, help is exactly what is needed. You reach into your magical toolbox of subconscious qualities and call out a name of a person or persons (it doesn’t matter who) that you feel has a positive effect on your life. You find some sort of “spell” or incantation that you feel will surely harmonies you to your “thing”.

Now then, only you will “hear” the sizzling and popping ripple of success andounce it thoroughly into your daily life. But, you don’t need to be a mystic or bring the Archangels or a Shaman into your willingly hood. You simply need to familiarize yourself with the power of sizzling sincerity in magic. You simply need to know the words. In thebook,coming soon…

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Sutation, A Life Touched By God
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