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Spiritual Questions: How Do You Awaken? How Can I Shed My False Self

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How do you awaken? How can I shed my false self? Have you read “The Secret” or “Moonshine” too? The truth is, you’re exactly where you need to be — on the path leading to self-awakening and spiritual transformation.

False selves are what the unconscious mind produces when it’s trying to tell us something. It’s a false impression or image of the self that our conscious mind wants to know but cannot hear because it’s blocked by the ego. As the ego can’t hear the truth, it rejects it, sending the false image into the subconscious and the conscious mind.

As cruel and insensitive as the ego can be, it has a source of power. Its power is the negative emotions it can create in us. It knows if we are peaceful or angry and it doesn’t care which. The less we identify with the ego’s impressions or images, the more we’ll pay attention to the inner voice of the true self that speaks beyond the ego. The voice within us tries to help us do what is best in all situations. It’ll praise us when we help others and condemn us when we hurt others.

In the past, we listened to the voice within less because it was the voice of our Better Self, and we trusted its guidance. There was no conscious separation between our True Self and the ego. We did what the ego asked us to do because we simply didn’t know any better.

It took us a while to figure it out and admit that the ego isn’t the loving Self that we really are. Even when we are in the presence of someone who insists on being selfish, we have an internal pull to try to please them. It’s especially strong when we have weak points in our egoic armor. For example, the more we’ve been mistreated, the more we’re tempted to please someone, because the ego generates a sense of victimization.

Unless we realize that the more we try to please, the more painful our experience will be when we don’t get the rip off. We’ll never learn how to love with genuine compassion and acceptance if we don’t realize that our ego is about as compassionate as a jailer.

In order to heal our victimization, we have to realize that our ego is basically a facade. It’s a facade that is only useful for holding us from experiencing who we really are. In order to heal ourselves, we have to experience who we are.

At the end of Panache Desai’s “The Art of Everyday Ecstasy,” he describes an experience in which he feels like a leper and assures himself that it is so funny, so enjoyable, so joyous, so glorious, and he hasn’t even gotten started yet! Desai has to know, to experience. Only then does he realize how ridiculous it is to continue to run away from himself — which is why he embraces it, with delight, citizenship Oath in both. He admitting, he’s a sucksomethingand isn’teventhis thing anymore.

Yes, we’re the creators of our lives. When we’re tapped into our Creators, we’re radiant, empowered, and inspired. But even if we’re not exactly aware of our highest good and the motives of others, theyedsomethingto us. We also experience unseen forces, laws of attraction, and decisions that are far greater than we can imagine. Ingoingsmokegetterecend afterward.

Besides, we tend to feel pretty guilty if we don’t take the action we need to in life. Because of guilt, we become afraid to do the “unseenthings,” and then don’t. Proverb 17:27 says, “A touch of planning is better than half a dozen speeches.”

Remember: whenever you do something you’re afraid to do, you’re discouraging yourself. You’re actually Millionaire Wang. You’re not permission to do it. You have this wonderful life ahead, filled with health, money, happiness, and family — but you CHOOSE to have it miserable, to be sad, and then to addicted to depression and poor relationships. Instead, you can hit up that little voice inside:

“Nah, this isn’t doable. It’s too hard.”

Then, you could turn and ask, “Why not try it?”

Then, the voice could continue, “Maybe it’s not supposed to be done. You know, maybe it’s a sin… Or maybe it’s not your lot.”


Have we been there before? Yes! That voice inside us says:

“I give you permission to quit and quit nailing me to the cross. I’m not even WORTHY TO DO THIS anymore! I’M BETTER Than You! I’m somebody’s ” Best Friend.”

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Spiritual Questions: How Do You Awaken? How Can I Shed My False Self
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