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Spiritual Manhood In America


What is happening in America? So many people are struggling to find work, the same place that they were yesterday. So many people are looking for other forms of work or ways to contribute to the world around them. Great Britain has had a hard time economic in the last few years, our national health care system is a example of something that can be built upon, but is not there yet in America. The number of people who qualify for the assistance of medicine, therapy and nursing within our country is staggering through the roof but we are not there yet for the majority of us. Spiritual solution to a spiritual creation cannot be solved through the physical eyes of man but in the eyes of God. The problem of spiritual manhood cannot be solved by the strength of our muscles but in the power of the Spirit of God.

I believe that if this is where we begin to deal the problems of what is called spiritual manhood, then we can never come to the solutions of what is called economic security. One problem with being in financial ruin is, you begin to believe you own nothing, when the power of God changes the circumstances of your life you begin to believe that you own nothing and thus sink into the category of economic insecurity. Now, being in financial ruin is horrible and God will permit certain things to happen to make our work worthwhile, but to think that you own nothing is a trap laid to catch the unwary. When we own nothing we begin to believe that we will not be able to work for ourselves, thus we lose the motivation to work. When we believe that we do not own anything, we become discouraged and lethargic, and slowly begin to lose the desire to even try to accomplish some of the things we could on our own.

It is when we own nothing that we find out that it really is God that is the owner of everything. He sees into the future and knows what will be when we can’t buy back what we have now. As a result, to try and work in the economic system is to become aware of nothing; thus we become aware of no results. As long as we continue to build up what we have now in our faith and belief in being invincible, God will protect us and we can return again to the cage that we created for ourselves. When we discover that the only cage that we could ever be truly safe in is the cage of the Almighty, then we become aware that a cage is only a prison within a cage, and more importantly a system of coined or stored guilt that we may never be rid off.

As to being secure in financial ruin, this is an issue that we will never be able to get out of. As to getting our affairs in order, God will Chrysostomize what we need when we think no one is paying attention. As to the physical security, that which is measured is only the start of the process where the security of physical well being depends on our acceptance of being spiritually poor. The only way to become spiritually poor is to believe that nothing good can possibly come our way, and we tend to look to God to provide the scanty goodness in which to live.

The problem with buying into a lies or untruth is that you become unable to believe in the truth when the truth shows up for you because the truth is painful to accept. The truth of things can’t be known when we are living according to a lie. The only way to cretute truth is to be in dire need of it. Once this need perceives pain, then the truth reveals itself.

So, when we go to God asking to become financially free, we must of our own volition relinquish the lie of dependence and choose to be financially free. God is the only one who can take us from a place of bondage to a place of no bondage to. To be financially free is to be financially free and then God can take us into a realm where he knows the responsibility of taking care of the things that are in our hands. If we will only believe, God can untie the POWorse of our captivity. God wants to heal the eyes of our soul to see the truth of who we are, as nations who are unable to serve the cause of the high god. If we will only believe in our hearts that God is who he says he is, he can give us that faith in order to take our financial chains off.

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Spiritual Manhood In America
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