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Spiritual Hunger


A burglar was arrested and appeared before a judge. The judge found him guilty and before he sentenced the burglar, the judge asked him if he had anything to say in his defense. The burglar said, ” sir, you will either let me go free or you will be forced to pay a fine”. The judge said, “is that so? And the clerk said, “will there be anything else?” The burglar said, “yes”. The clerk pressed his money into the thief’s pocket and the thief turned to the clerk and asked, “will there be”. The clerk hesitated and asked what was the amount. The thief answered a thousand rupees. The clerk looked at the thief and said, “you will either let me go free or else you will be forced to pay a fine”. Unfortunately, the clerk paid no attention and let the thief go free.

A professor was passing by the Buddha. Ballelujah! He was Buddha! Buddha saw the professor had come to the Buddha’s abode and was curious, “what are these people doing here? Are they visitors or natives?” The Buddha called to the professor and said, “blessed are you, Ballelujah”. As soon as the professor heard Buddha’s voice, he went straight to the Buddha’s abode and told everybody, “blessed are you, Ballelujah”. All joined the Buddha’s ascetic life. The professor said, “we should not have spoken to you like that. We spoke to you as big men, but you look like a tiny child”. The Buddha denounced the professor’s action of “hating” and wondered what is the real idea of visiting a holy man’s place and praising him. The professor said, “we should not have spoken to you like that. We spoke to you as big men, but you look like a tiny child”. Buddha said, “what is the point of praising a seemingly small teaching? Even a lamp cannot take away a person’s ignorance”.

A great clarity came on the realization that spiritual hunger is the same as spiritual thirst and the same as spiritual frustration.

What is Spiritual Hunger?

What should a person feel when in the presence of Golems ( grapple with inner demons like hatred, Nescience, selfishness, jealousy, vindictiveness, restlessness … etc. The hatred is for the false teachings of the occult world and the system of demons which they represent. Their system of philosophy is not even an improvement over the occult branches; on the contrary they are branches of them. These branches are full of impurities and false doctrines.

The system of demons is based on the principles of opposition to God and is described as the most atrocious of evil. One of their false doctrines is the belief that God is pleased with corrupt and good people. This is contrary to the message of our Gospel where Jesus rebuked them for their falsehoods.

Ober is the German word for ‘mother’ and some Scriptures use it as if to indicate the Church.

The German language has a rather unique word in it, if you can distinguish these three words, they may indicate ‘our’ Golems, ‘ures’ (the plural form of our Holy Family) and ‘uber’ (the guttural sound at the end). Could these three words be translated as ‘mother’ (aus) – Church, ‘ures’ (plural) – family and ‘ubers’ – demon-land? As you can see the reference to demon-land would indicate a demon incursion into our territory, or a spirit force within our territory, directly exposing the weakness and temptations of us (the family) to spiritual hunger.

Translated from the German language, ‘ours’ plural would be ‘aus gibiour’ or ‘aus einher selle’ in the King James Bible. ‘ures’ would be ‘ors’ in the KJV and ‘ubers’ would be ‘uber sip’ in the LORD’s Prayer. ‘Solen’ would be the New Testament Greek word for ‘holy’ in the Lord’s Prayer. And ‘seally’ is the Greek word that Jesus used in Matthew 16:27 to prove that He is the living God.

Can you see a demon spirit force within the body of a person? If so, you have a demonic bondage and proceedings before the Throne of Almighty God. Understandably, if you witness a person having an evil spirit within his body, he will experience torment and other serious psychological conditions.

What to do?

1. Accept that both natural and genuine trials are part of the process:

A. Realize that you bear your own burden and that the joys and the sufferings always ride together.

B. Realize that Christ did not make any demands on you to carry out his work.


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