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Spiritual Georgians

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Living in the now is a way of being in the spirit. I believe that it is very possible for us to live in the now and be still in the spirit. Trying to always have the life in the now is difficult while trying to live in the spirit is easy because you realize that you don’t have to always be in the now. I live in the spirit always knowing that I have other lifetimes in the future and that I can’t stay in the now. Being in the now is important. Being in the now is the place where you realize who you are. I call it being in the NOW. One of the keys to being in the now is realizing your true divine nature.

A key to the now is thinking only of the good.Today, right now, think of only good things. It is not possible to be thinking of bad things. If you are, then you are on the brink of the most horrible behavior. involution of evil will be the end of you. Be in the now. Think only of the good things.

A key to being in the now is loving your family, friends and neighbor.Love them with all your heart. What they do is not important; what is important is that you love them. The love that you extend to them is what brings the power into your life in the now. When you think of the bad and gossip about them, then you are short circuiting your own power.

A key to being in the now is to be helpful to others.Be helpful to others. helping others is an easy way to be in the now. Thinking of what you can do to help others is often a good prayer. Be in the now and take action.

A key to being in the now is to be a giver.When you help others, you will find that you will be helping yourself. Thinking of what you can give to others, you will find that you will be receiving help from others. This is a cycle of life. Live and move and have your being in the now. And, be a giver.

A key to being in the now is appreciation.Accept what is. There is nothing bad in you that would want to remain bad. There is nothing good that would want to remain good. Both are part of the one, and of the truth. appreciation is appreciation. Let go of that which is not truth. Accept the truth as it is and move on to the now.

Accept yourself as you are now.Accept others as they are.Remember the only truth is the truth of the present moment.It is the key to life. Is life about wishful thinking or wishful receiving?

Once you come to the realization that the only truth is the truth of the present moment, you will begin to live life as it is presented to you, not as you might want it to be. Living life as it is presented to you, leads to living life as it is really life. And, one of the keys to being enlightened is really easy. Just allow things to be as they are. This opens up the door to really seeing what is, really allowing yourself to relax into life, really letting go of that tension, those expectations that you have. Just allow things to be. If you catch yourself thinking about what you could have done or what you think you should have done, immediately bring that thought into the present moment and see what is there.Taken it as it is, it is good. You know this. Just go with it. You have nothing to lose by taking full responsibility for your thoughts and actions in the present moment. Even in despair, joy is possible. Not just for you, but for everyone you touch.

Remember this and you will be living in the continuum of Unconditional Love and a major step toward the doors of great fulfillment. One last thought before we go – just a minute while we are here. Live in this moment completely interconnected to all that is around us, and watch what happens. Be aware of what happens around you, what happens in your mind as you think of different things. Be aware of what happens inside when you feel sad or happy. Perception is vital when understanding presents a radically different point of view than what we have been taught we think we know. If you can let perceptions shift and bring you a greater understanding of the present moment, then you can allow the doors to open and your dreams to manifest more completely.

May your perceptions reflect the truth of what is, and allow the doors to open and dreams to come true all along your path.

And lastly, if you feel stuck or frustrated with what you perceive, ask yourself why not? What if you did not have the ability to perceive the present moment perfectly?

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Spiritual Georgians
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