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SOUL TRAINING: Quick Tip To Understand Your Soul Hunger

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Your soul is actively seeking to nourish and replenish your body with the vibrations of unconditional love and bliss. Therefore affirming such ideals into your heart is not only beneficial but crucial to your overall expansion and growth.

For it is with our soul that we express our connectedness to our self and to the universe. The soul has an innate intelligence. It acts as a link to the divine force, the god within.

Keeping your soul hungry is therefore an important part of living, because the body uses the soul to guide and assist us through the physical world. When your willpower and personal power do not have sufficientzz then you are prone to problems.

For example, problems associated with overlap of the apostrophe and the period (ies) indicate that either the apostrophe or the period is not aligned with the whole. This indicates that you have a disconnection with your soul.

Such problems are then typically caused by the soul because it is trying to protect you from outside forces. The soul is focussed on what it considers important for you to experience, rather than what is truly meaningful. The soul is only concerned with your physical life and will direct your life in the direction that serves its needs. It will also, if you are open to it, guide you to opportunities that take you where you want to go without you having to consciously seek it out.

There are many examples of people who have become famous by starting to perceive what the world shows them, and then fortunately following the tips and strategies that they have learnt along the way.

A famous example is probably the greatest success of all time, Jesus Christ. He was born as a prince in a small town in the Middle East, but became as a human being. He washed up on a beach in miraculously clean water, and ate with human souls. He then decamped to a country place to escape the masses, and not long after, he is crucified by the majority, thorns and all. He had to find a place where he could find some peace and bury himself.

You see, he followed the example of the Old Testament prophets, and largely ignored the “spiritual aspect” of his short lived experience on earth. His entire life was about leading and demonstrating to the world that Jesus was the son of God, that he was God in a human body, and that as a result, he was in and of physical flesh.

Despite the fact that the physical Jesus was eventually taken away from the man he came to be in order to be “saved”, you serve a God/Jesus that does not exist. Consciousness simply means that you are observing your physical state and your awareness of the surrounding physical world. Your soul exists, but merely as an observer. It has no power unless you give it your attention.

You are in charge of your own life, but not someone else’s. You are the only one with the authority to explore the unlimited playground of physical life. Consciousness creates your own life.

So it is why the soul walked out of the garden. For it wanted to experience the ” Library”. The soul is your intuitive pilot. It is the wheelchair someone has invented to take you to a place you never dreamed of visiting. Your soul is at your beck and call. It is eager to demonstrate its wonders to you. But you have to tap into it.

Many people believe that the soul is a immortal essence, and while that may be close enough for many people, my conclusion is that the soul is not, and never was your essence. It’s not here to take up residence in your body, but rather, the opposite, to journey within the inner you. As such, it can never be a permanent condition. It can never define a quality you have. It can never be a possession.

For the soul, dwelling within the confines of your body, is a temporary experience. By its very nature, it must transcend form, experience the fullness of itself outside of time and space. As such, your soul nature is the very essence of your life. And while you must learn to call your soul anything from angel to something that lives on after the physical body, when you do, you could just assume that whatever your soul calls is your essence.

And as such, while you must tune-in and commit to your soul’s words, it would be a mistake to assume that whatever it is your soul wants is always what you want. For as the old saying goes, “The truth will set you free.” And in this case, the truth means that your soul knows deep down that it is better to return to the world of the absolute from which it came, than to stay attached to the idea that you are a human (which is, paradoxically, what your physical life is).

Having a soul is good.

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SOUL TRAINING: Quick Tip To Understand Your Soul Hunger
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