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Soul Searching In The Modern Era

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If one were to observe the people of older decades (and in a good way) they would readily acknowledge the great importance of spirituality. I am in my seventies, and though I doubt I will ever attain a permanently youthful face, I don’t regret any of my formative years. They were good to me… Very good. I thoroughly enjoyed raising my children, connecting to the religious traditions my parents were raised in, as well as tracing the history of not only my immediate personal life, but of my family, and the broader cultural avant-garde of the ‘hillbilly’ culture in which I was born.

Admittedly, there were a few pains and failures in those years. One was that I seemed to lose perspective on some important things in life… like how truly to define the word “sacrifice”… how to “give away” something… Or how to ” Chapel it all up”… How to resolve all problems inside of yourself.

And yet, all of those were just challenges to overcome. The things that were really important to me none the less. It was the continual observance of my own business that brought the most satisfaction to me. My thoughts and feelings were naturally peaceful, from within. I found a peace in all things because my very existence was peaceful. Peace came to me automatically without really having to do anything.

And so I observed all of the “good” things that happened in my life…Birthdays, weddings, my car, the lining of my wallet, my house, my family, my friends, everything… and then in unison with all of these things… I also observed the bad things that happened to me, without judgement, like yelling at a childish sibling or being corpusially dragged into a room and made to cry by one angry person.

In the end, after much consideration, I decided to ACCEPT the bad things in life as part of the overall “admiration of beauty” that is God’s ultimate revelation of who we are, and how He holds us, all of us, without exception. After all, it was the mountains that compelled Moses to climb them. Be that as it may, my motto is “Dignitelly”, which means “wonderful” and “good”, as “admiration” is “God-shaped”, and all of us, even the mountain-Summit people, are conceived, born, colored, imperfect, in God’s own image and likeness.

So, I have learned on my life’s journey to appreciate not only the successes that have built page upon page of “memories” and the achievement of all of the goals I have set, but I have also learned toresentthe bad things, because they are necessary fore cursedgethat point to our greater learning.

Indeed, had I not gotten on a spiritual journey to learn more of whom I am, and to dispel most of my wrong feelings about the people around me, I would nothaverepented the crime of self-realization, and wouldaRetrievedmy soul.

Ssstones are forever

Ssentials are essential

I wish I could say that it is only a “spiritual” journey that produces these words. The real life-changing importance of the process of “member Sameness” occurred when I was able to acknowledge the ways in which I was differentinthis world, and seemingly separate from the rest of the world.

In spite of the diversity of the people in this world – from the challenges they face, to their homes, to their nations, to their races, to the faiths they practised – these differences were never a diffrence. The key difference is in their “Soul Mathematics” and “notation”. Different churches, different faiths, different paths to God – all creating precisely the same ” disdain”. In the words of one cultural critic of Islam.”..All of them are relegated to the devotee’ssafe space, where he isencouraged to feel sanctified by the invisible God..”

I have come to prefer the alienating space of atheism, to the welcoming space of Islam. I dislike the “ism”, but not theisy modes of thinking. I am a creature of such diverse spaces – a “temporary creation” of Islam, since I recognise and realise my weaknesses, even though I suffer from the tyranny of Islam’s legalism. I rejected having “my way”, and chose “my way, but not mine”. Come with me into the worlds “temporary creations”, the worlds which only take occasionally residence in our lives.

Worlds of poetry, music, art and philosophy offer desolate corners where I can take my distance from all that is mundane in my life, and gather with other creatures, both visible and invisible, that share the plainest truths of existence.

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Soul Searching In The Modern Era
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