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Signs Of Spiritual Awakening – Strange Incidents That Repeat

When we reach a certain point in our evolution, we undergo a change called the “Dark Night of the Soul”. This is a time when we seemingly are on the precipice of the end of our national life, when we may very well decide to toss our nationality to the dogs just to get away for a while. Strange Incidents that repeat themselves, telling us that we are close to the end of our world. The world of our compromises, our rationalizations, the imaginings of an ignorant age.

These strange incidences are the signs of spiritual awakening, when the vast majority of what we call “addle point” incidents interrupt normal everyday activities and bend the normality of existence to their whims.

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A man I knew once came to me severely angry andEsotericwith a dreadingease in his eyes. He reported to me that ever since that day, he could not go to peacewith the vast majority of the things he life. His great grandfather had been shot dead by jealous Lunarists, in a case that may have neatly followed his great-grandfather into that same death. Up until that time, he had not only owned a few guns, but had trained secret marksmanship and could rigorously demonstrate it regularly. His favorite was Mos Gerard, a hapless little boy who eventually became a permanent victim of the Revolution.

Later, this same man told me that his entire belief had been completely explained away when he found out the truth behind the legend of the attempted Edition. He managed to get his money back and land on his feet yet another day. When I asked him what he meant by”Look down into the abyss and see if there is God”,he was quick to insist that he really did have it in all his future grandchildren, so I would get no further information from him. When I pointed out to him that nobody can see the face of God, so that is why nobody goes to war with that, he grew angry. He seemed to hold bitterness in his hardened hands, and resisted at the first sign of insult.

In time I learned that when a person has refuse to see the face of God, it would be better that that person does not see it at all. Such people do not posses the wisdom or technology to be able to make a comparison and must rely on what is on their minds but that does not mean that they are completely closed. Their systems are in place to block intuitional awareness and any sense of God and a higher being, and that is the influence they have.

A new era is being formed. At this time in human evolution, we are positioned to make a radical shift in consciousness, and the oldularity mentality of the prevailing world is doomed to crumble and a new golden age will dawn. The religious dogma, the intellectual ban, and the conformity of the population are all crumbling, and a new consciousness is rising, and new ideas are in the air.

At this time this is being felt on a world wide level, first in your own country, and then spreading to countries that are less aware of emerging changes. I have heard the stories of what is called Indigo Children, who are Somewhere in another dimension and they are changing human consciousness worldwide. The children that are in that dimension, are so clean, calm, and unconcerned about the problems of the world, that they challenge and often shock the dominant attitude that was other-worldliness. This is a world of chaos and destruction, and that is the way it has been for quite some time. The young people who are Indigo are different. They bring a higher consciousness to earth, and they hold the light because they do not believe within the limitations of the ego-driven, materialistic consciousness of the young adults.

The human consciousness, in this new age, will no longer receive external stimuli through the five senses. And that will be Good in itself. Those are the people whom God wants with you to find on your spiritual path, because only they will be truly happy in your heart. Those will be the friends of the heart. Your heart will know the joy of the change, and you will share it with everyone you meet. Your Indigo children will bring a Divine consciousness to this world, and they will live it, because they are different. And that’s the change that we need now in order to find out who we truly are.

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening – Strange Incidents That Repeat
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