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Sequential Practice Of Self-Love

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The most important place to practice loving yourself is YOUR OWN bedroom. Where else can you go to properly heal your body, mind and soul?

If you practice loving yourself at your own bedtime, you will be able to do anything. You don’t need to go to a health food store, or a new age store to buy things that will nourish your body and enrich your life. You don’t need to take a trip to India or to Europe to find the best yoga or Reiki instructor to teach you. Right now, you can go to the woods, the beach, your creativity, your own home (or apartment, if you are lucky), and pick up the self love that you need to thrive in the abundance of Mother Nature.

When I first began to feel this, physical and emotional, I was so excited that a new perception of my self was possible. But as I persisted, little by little my awareness of the self-love that I had been carrying became a daily process….a slow quieting of the egoic mind.

Today, I happily report that I am aligning myself with the love that I am and I am beginning to create an abundance of circumstances and people to support my ever deepening self-love. Is thisrativeawarenessint eh? Does this resonate for you?

You are reading this article as an externally-oriented example of one person discovering the beauty of internal adversity and coming to the courage to empower the wayward parts of himself or herself. You can walk parallel to this example or any other person you identify as being on a similar path of beginnings?

Theparticipatory Action that takes place when you realize your next-door neighbour is living an painful life is one of two things:

1A stole to survive orB, developed an attitude of compassion for pain.

Whether you choose to focus on the stealing or the pain, the action continues but it is just that:action. This sort of action is to be taken and carried out effortlessly, without effort and perhaps with more joy than you have ever experienced before.

If you have ever found yourself thinking or would just like to say silently ‘thank you’ to the universe for this, you will be amazed at what you will obtain. This is nothing short of amazing in the fact that the universe provides you with an ongoing supply of just plain ‘anna’ goodness.

For example, I just found it salient enough to thank the universe for the sight of labels on everything I have and all that it holds. When I see the words ‘testimonies’ or ‘images’, I get excited. I’m not some sort of macho looking guy and I am totally not threatened by the labels that come to captivate my eyes or my eagerness to know more. I just get excited about the labels and think that this is all so very important.

What I am saying to you is that what you would otherwise consider as negative or uncomfortable information is in fact everything that communicates so many times more, in one foul swoop, with one guilty-unconscious feeling.

And this is just one very basic example of the amazing universe and its provision of us with the materialization of the idea of infinite abundant resources. If you have never looked deeply into the idea of the inside versus the outside, you have missed so much beautiful, amazing and transformative understanding into the true nature of reality and the one eternal, true reality of yourself as an unlimited, infinite being simply possessing the ripe return on that fruit of life that you have selected to represent yourself. You could say that material abundance represents the true nature of the mind of the person simply denying it all.

You could say that material abundance represents the true nature of the mind of the person simply denying it all.

But what you do not see is just as relevant or necessary to see to fully appreciate this truth disparately, as a previous article I wrote about the ego and acceptance.

When you begin to appreciate the depth of what material abundance represents, you do not go “rating” it to your self-worth. Accepting the gift unconditionally does not mean you appraise it to your self-acceptance. It is not about you changing your worthiness of the gift to be accepted and appreciated any less than or more than your acceptance of the gift. It does not mean that you begin to judge and await your next opportunity to be accepted and to be used to maximize your value as a human being.

Embracing the idea that everything and everyone comes your way with the gift of life enables you to feel all the more honored to receive the many otherworldly gifts that arrive one right after the other without pause or beat or suffering or expectant or consternation.

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Sequential Practice Of Self-Love
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