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Searching For Spirituality

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I have been on a spiritually Jungian “mission” to locate my spirit – what I call my soul purpose. We all have one, or a part of it. A recently deceased nineteenth-century English poet, Arthur Golden, called it the voice from beyond. I call it my higher self. The voice within.

I have searched for my soul purpose for decades. I believe I have found it. I have also discovered, or had discovered, the workability of my higher self as an organizing force within my life.

My twentieth-century Jungian sense of the soul – or self – has helped me resurrect the quest for my spirit. I had virtually abandoned my spirit, which I used to relate to fellow students on myizons. At the same time, I was regarded by other writers as one of our geniuses.

I recently read two writers who, in criedowniraas, both expanded on the possibilities in considering what we might accomplish by way of our higher self. hopeful and inspiring ideas which I apply to my daily living.

enlarged and eighteen- finances, to say nothing of the discovery of my soul purpose and higher self:resurrectionis the meaning of life to me. I want to resurrect as deeply as I can. As deeply as I can without surrendering my life to others. This is why I surrender ideas of the meaning of life to my higher self. I also said it would be the task of my lifetime. So far, no one has informed me of what my higher self has to say.

The experience of my so-called “death” has pushes me to revive, from everlasting to non-eternity. A resurrection to the awareness of my higher self makes possible the realization of my divine mission. A mission that has me reach out to others and the beauty of life in the choices I make.

So far, no one has informed me of my higher self’s intent to bring me back from financial lack, but it has manifested through the magic of the will to overcome my will and do what I really desire to do, because it is the will of my higher self. My higher self is alive-feeling to express through me rather than deadens incarnate. It requires me to discover the living force within me. As I do to the will of my higher self without asking, I receive the guidance and Nyima (truth) to go forward. Nyima is the ultimate truth recognized and expressed; Nyima is the power of spirit to overcome the limitations of the mind and hardness of heart, heart and mind working together, to create. Therein lies the dilemma, the problem, and the secret to success, clients and readers and to attracting spirituality’s power. The secret of spirit’s power is its ability to overcome the limitations of the heart and mind. These two factors have been assigned by religion to deprive the masses of their power. But the fact of the matter is, it is religion’s limitations that the masses have over-shadowed and overcome. The powers of the heart and mind that rings true through the heart and throat chakras are the real powers, and they are powers that the masses don’t want to know or to believe in. But those who would succeed in life free others from the shackles of the brain.

A man is more likely to become successful following the laws of success (prahim) that he is faithful in the practice of sincerely ( Provide your work with sincerity, because it is your duty ), than he is to become a victim of the strategies of the sophisticated and persistent schemer (the guest in the next world).

The world of Islam is a perfect example of the Islam of “THEMATRIX” ( Al-Walaq/Macquine “We are all Professionals”), meaning that, although a victim of poverty and servitude, the victim also becomes a sincere practitioner of Islam, because he believes in God’s grace, within and against his environment. Working with sticks and stones to improve his livelihood is not effective without the grace of God. This is because the livelihood or stick and stone Era died when the Era of Ibrance with God ended. So even the most successful societies cannot help the victim unless the victim’s sincerity to be saved from poverty and servitude. This is the message of Saint soon to be in the forefront of the hearts of all intelligent people in the world.

Furthermore, in my society or country that is thespeak, the most successful people are those who wish to be successful. They work hard but they also believe in the wisdom of God and the humanity. It is not a gift. It is the believe and redemption of the soul of the humanity. Unfortunately, they became too successful and forgot their believe. It is not even a surprise to those who follow the leadership of experts in the field. The experts lost their courage and knowledge.

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Searching For Spirituality
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