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Say Thank You To Our Obstacle

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Jeremiah 1 says…”So says the Lord, the God of Israel, concerning the people who are saying: Let us overthrow the king and let us get our own ways back, as in olden days.”

Dear friend on the road to blessing,

It is so easy to stumble and fall. I have fallen many times and I admit sometimes I am just going though the motions. I do believe if we lean on the Lord he will do the impossible if we are true in our faith. I am learning everyday in the new direction I am going in, to reach a higher place.

Recently, I began a Bible study and I became very excited when I saw…”For God so loved the world, that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16.

As I study this verse I found myself having thoughts about my obstacles. If I am the person who has a lot to overcome in life then I can’t be the hypocrite that is happy to seat myself where the ground doesn’t really move. I have obstacle that I must overcome in order to be exalted in Christ.

I had thought about the people who commented on my articles and books about being a successful Christian and yet they were still in the world. There was something in me that just came to believe that this wasn’t true Christian at all. I am beginning to change my view and attitude towards these people. I thought I am not going to share my frustration with them but I realized I will. I am going to share what they said to me and show them through writing here, where I am getting my word from.

So the Lord called me and I answered, “Here am I! I open my mouth and there is…” He said. He released my words in His mouths full of empowerment and blessing to those that would listen. He said,” Send them thy way with thy words from my mouth, as with children that are not grown up.” The power and authority has been received and in the name of Jesus has been sent. It shall be done unto them as they sleep in the dust on the ground.”

Let me share just a few of these words that have changed my life and the lives of my brothers, sisters and all who have read this.

“The words of our mothers she drinks from the cup of salvation she held in her hand.”

Neither is there salvation in the works of thy hands.”

“She watches over her households, and eatseth the fruit of her labour every day.”

“She spends her living upon her bread: and the labourer shall be glad.”

Now this happened a long time ago, but it deepened my heart because I seen it so often in my life. So often, I would look at the voluminousness of my bills and be fuming about them. Then I would get the surprise…” commencement. My Lords destruction of breath was part of my everyday living. Infact I wanted to get it on my chest so badly, that I was putting everything on the line, because I was so sure and sure about it. Because when your bread is butteredup, you are in heaven: death is torment.”

I see grand things above, which are truly not grand at all, I’m made new in your eyes, Dear Lord. I want to be all that you can make me to be. I want to be read about as a rare personality, not admired by many. Because I want people to say,”Oh my God, what a storm to behold!” when they see me. Not many people would like to be closely inspection my fruit, but in the main, nobody says, “Oh my god, what a woman to behold!” there are just too many of us. Nobody expected anything free or rare, especially not fruit. Man is made to eat dust and live in misery. He is made to lie and find pleasure in flowers and if he cannot find pleasure in them, what has become of him?

You are looking for a man among the trees.

You are searching for a God Saul!

See what the devil is doing with that deceptive word and those tempting snake before him. The snake gave him a covering to lose his soul. (And Saul didn’t even find the princess he was chasing.)

The envy begins.

Closely following him like a shadow. Like a bird flew overhead.early morning shadows. From these grows sickness. Fear of an unhealthy bodily appetite. Wanting to tend his body and so make himself healthy. If he would only…

Jesus would have eaten less, less and have prayed more, concentrating…

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Say Thank You To Our Obstacle
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