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Religious Or Spiritual: What’s The Difference? Does It Matter?

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Many people assume the two terms mean the same thing but that’s not true. The word “spiritual” (or “religious for want of a better word”) can mean many things to many people. Why do we need to know what the terms mean? Does it help to discern if the person teaching is teaching the truth?

By learning the meaning of the terms, we can form a clearer picture of what we can expect from spiritual training and religious communications. The words spiritual and spiritualize a lot of what we experience in our day-to-day lives. For example, we see ourselves as spiritual beings, and we can communicate with our spirit friends. The term religion suggests a more organized structure, which can include a creed, and professional organizations.

But remember: the spirit is all-knowing and has knowledge of everything, all the time. Spiritual Presence means knowing the things we couldn’t see with our eyes. Knowing what’s going on with us and all around us; but free of the things that hold us back from knowing more.

Religion tries to answer these questions. So do spiritual organizations, but they tell us about God (or their gods) with regard to how to live our lives. The knowledge they offer can help us live more happy and healthy lives, but only if we learn to trust and live from our spirit – not the knowledge gained from a book, not a profession, not a code of conduct, and certainly not a dogma.

Maybe you should consider another perspective – why not use the knowledge and information that you’re naturally blessed with and decide for yourself if there is a God or not. You’ll have to find for yourself where you fit within the context of the world around you. Perhaps you’ll meet someone who shares their views with you and you’ll be a believer right away. Maybe you’ll find yourself asking other questions like, “What does it mean to ‘Trust in the LORD’? How do I know if I Trust Him or Embrace His presence?”

Just remember: be you, but also be open to your spirit guiding you and allowing you to learn just how much you are loved and cherished by the people who matters most to you.

“I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. I am the vine; you are the branches. I am the vine; you are the branches.Picture me, my branches, growing out, hidden in the vine, rejoicing in Christ as the fruitful crop produces its full harvest. Predestined to my love, the share I take of the fruit of my labor; to them the promises in this vine. I am the vine, you are the branches.” John 15: 5-7

Love lives within us, but we have to make a conscious effort to allow it to develop and grow. There’s no reason to wait to find us when we already have the evidence.

So how can we tell if we are living from our spirit or our religion? It’s pretty simple, really. If you’re reading this article, I hope you are living from your spirit. If you aren’t, I want you to make the effort to find out why and find out how. Either way, I’m here to “grow” personally and spiritually, so if you feel as though you are blocked in your life or don’t know where to find the love and joy I have found, let me help you.

While I do have my own belief systems, my way of viewing things is rather unique to how I see the spiritual world. It’s why I chose to be born male and why I was given the name BOY Factor. While I could have chosen any other name, the name I was born with made a significant difference to the rest of my life. It’s how I view the world and how I write about it that does the same. I write about religion and spirituality because I’ve discovered that they are two areas that everyone struggles with. While some people look at the problem from the logical standpoint and say, “Yea, I believe in God. I believe in Jesus. I believe in the Bible. I believe in St. Peter. I believe…”(I believe)

I don’t.

I know the logical side of the issue. I know I believe in St. Peter, I know I believe in the words in the Bible, I know I believe in God, and I know it’s not just a nice thought on the surface, but a belief which has been tested and grows with use as my faith increases. What I don’t know is why someone else doesn’t feel or believe the same.

white and brown concrete building
Religious Or Spiritual: What’s The Difference? Does It Matter?
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