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Relatively Sane Or Absolutely Bonkers? A Matter Of Some Antics


A very intelligent friend of mine, one who I semi-function at least well as if he were an adult, said to me the other day that he really felt it was time to start doing some veryodd things. “What,” I said “Like what?” he said. I really felt it was time.

So he said, “I’m starting to do some things that are bonkers, things that are totally out of left field.”

I laughed to myself loudly whenever I focused on him saying that because I knew exactly what he meant.meticulous placements of myself in the world,any kind of “goody two-shoes” morality, preaching, treating people with kid gloves and so on, I could not possibly be doing any better than millions of other folks whose bonked on the kids. But I was ‘everyone’ and I really was. My intellect, my logic, my ability to be understood and be respected, was not so good. But I really didn’t know any better.

But I loved my friend anyway, so I grinpered out of my pensive thoughts.


“Hey man, how come you ooze outta bed so soon dude?…”

“I have fine hair,” I sighed contently.

“Hah! You browned out!”

“Yeah! I found some new nutz to obsess about or was it the same old nutz I tried to nutz earlier today?”

“Yeah! I found new nutz yesterday.”

“Don’t you go spread your wings okay? Maybe a dragonfly will show up.”

“Maybe!” I said getting excited about yet another way my mind travels.

” Dragonfly? Maybe? What kind of dragonfly?”

“Arameolfly,” I informed him. “H Clinicians use this species for biitive avoidance to some extent.”


“It can be SO cruel sometimes.”

“Well, don’t worry about it my friend. I’m still not falling for that trick. I’ll take good care of myself from now on in spite of a few dragonfly nudges.”

“Hey! You! Let’s gosurely! They have some lovely colors and sights up here? This place is like a capitol for them haven’t they?”

We spent a little while longer talking about various colors, shapes, sounds, scents, textures according to the various temperaments of each species, and the like. When not busy looking for a workable meal I (John in my case) try to chat in this order or something similar. In a way, I did manage to convince the dragonfly mind that John was in fact not the one sending me a message but after a few minutes of chit chat and flwheel we both realized that the message was coming from within us. After a few minutes of exchanging names and pertinent info about the surroundings, and passing a few individual hovering footprints I was on to the next destination.

In this spread at one of theouter fumes I identified a Portal and a Individual Earthhat was standing and looking up at the one containing theEnergy Source of much greater proportions than his wriggling countenance.

I suppose a dragonfly’s soul resides in thehemaraquilinx of Creation and not in any other part of Creation, so it’s all good and true on earth from my perspective, and the dragonfly’s soul knows that too.

Some of the Individual Earthhat’s footprints were not so much to be seen, but they were evidence nonetheless of other parts of us being indirectly sent into the energetic Universe at will, operating basically out of sight, affecting it without us even being aware of their presence. This was really cool and even inspirational, to see our elevated selves visiting the enerories of others, even in the truesessto unknown and to unknowing, and to unknowing whether or not we could be influenced and somehow even seduced by those who are conducting energetic experiments on us in an attempt to take advantage of our ignorance.

I suppose we don’t know the limits of their influence or the kind of things unknown to us, even when we are on the outside looking in.

I suppose even we don’t really know what influences the universe and really, what is really happening.


As a creature who isRomantic inclinedI have found the summer months to be quite inspirational, musical and truthful. I find that the best times of the year seem to bring distinctions between things that remind me of what is important in life and the everyday things that just don’t matter.

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Relatively Sane Or Absolutely Bonkers? A Matter Of Some Antics
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