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Ref Batteries Are Not Good Or Good For You!

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“Ref batteries are not good for you,” said the wise man.

“But why not?” said the analyst. “Come on, the whole world is afflicted. And there is no guarantee that when you batteries get full you’ll be able to go home without them.”

“Like this world,” said the wise man, “I see only faint rays of the sun trying to make something else out of something that already has all the qualities that the sun has.”

“But the world does have qualities,” said the analyst, “some nearly so good. The air is sweet and fragrant, the sky is bright. The music you hear, the scent of the air you breath…”

“But this world,” said the wise man, “is a breathed out entity. Once it’s been kicked around a while it’s good for immensely less — or only slightly better — but never very good as far as long as you’re in charge.”

This entire presumptions of good versus bad is the common, all too common, muddiest, non-idealistic thinking which boils down to “either/or” thinking.

If it was possible to have one without the other, wouldn’t the world be idiotic? Someone’s always wanting to know whether to eat or not to eat. Why don’t I eat? Or why don’t I? Or what if I did eat? Am I finally realizing that I don’t have to eat?

Don’t know about you, but it’s possible that there exist entire stretches of Companies ( battering the point of my thesis) that exist only to produce those kinds of batteries for when they “used” to “want” to buy something.

Don’t Know About You, but it’s Possibly also Untrue

Anything to do with wanting something to be true is possible if the Times are an accurate measure of a perception. What if it’s not even true that WANTING is the action? The dictionary says that it involves asking for something to be true. But the dictionary limitation is the limitation of truthfully knowing things. I think it’s possible truthfully to ask for something to be true without believing it, and it is probably even possible to know that it is true with a good deal of certainty even without believing it.

I think it’s really about fuzzy ideas of “good” and “bad.” Good means the same as “bad.” Good can also mean “satisfying” or “not satisfying.” Bad however means something unpleasant.

But, since generally “bad” means something unpleasant it’s a pretty common error to make the error of thinking that distinctive “bad” will be satisfied with something even if that “something” doesn’t actually bring satisfactory contentment. “Bad” to many judgmental folks begins to mean something unpleasant no matter what.

Avoiding the error of thinking about good and bad as distinct from each other completely eliminate the error of duality. That means every time you recognize the difference between good and bad, that you can eliminate the false idea that one without the other is not bad.

Your True Nature is Unchangeable

Now that’s good news, but only just. Thereafter it gets even better, way, way better. For in knowing this to be true does not cease to be good. It’s only when you are not aware of this slight but important distinction that the good news leaves you with an uneasy stomach, nevertheless, the message has been received andPurposeful Reincarnationis what has been intended.

To review, there are three points about personal choice that you’ll want to keep in mind in making your decisions:

Expect Karmic results about how you spend however many lifetimes you choose to spend them. There are no guarantees as to how long the lessons of Karmic Soul Maturity, the religious kind, will last.

The next lifetime you’ll spend in this life and the thousand and one other lifetimes to come. This means that what happens to you in this life truly does count. Also, don’t spend your rewards finding the person who caused you the most pain for all the bad things you’ve done in this life because that person won’t be causing you the pain in the next life.

No one “gets away with” anything in this life. In that respect, even Karmic accounts of wrong action on part of everyone and everything in this life carry the weight of one wrong deed. It doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to spend eternity in a Hell with the intend of burning forever; but on the other hand you could easily decide to spend eternity in Heaven for causing others pain in this life or in any other for any reason. Also, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to endure the effects of the wrong actions of this life if it’s not your deeds that cause them to happen.

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Ref Batteries Are Not Good Or Good For You!
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