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Recently I Heard God Speaking To Me


If you want to know if you are hearing God’s voice speak to you, then tune into some of theseNote that the emphasis is NOT on Him speaking to you, but on you listening to Him.

I had a dream recently of a level of detail.

It was a bit frightening in a sense that there was more to this world than what my eyes could see. The details were extremely rich and I was unable to see through the details.The parts of the dream where there was visibly a building weren’t as clear as in my dreams I could tell you about them clearly.

I had basically failed myself a test about a year ago. It was a test about my belief in a higher power. I had tried almost every thing in the eyes of religion and the Bible and failed miserably.

I had quit my job several times over and when that didn’t work I walked away from everything and God.

I honestly thought I could do this all on my own. I was going through an emotional and mental storm and thought I needed to ask God for help. So I decided to try what worked in my past and I hope that it will work in yours as well.

I watched everything that I could think of and I wrote down everything that I could remember.

Then I went into the whole thing trusting that it would work.

I started reading about all the things that I could write and found a book called, “Living Very Your Heart Desires.” I fell in love with the message, by the story and everything.

Recently, something changed.

All of a sudden I found myself thinking there was a message in there. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it made complete sense somehow.

It was like a switch happened.

I recognized it when it happened.

You see, there was one characteristic about those verses that immediately sent me thinking about their true meaning.

In verses 9 & 10, Isaiah talks about the child being passed down to the right hand or the left.

I absolutely believe that children are being passed down to their right hand or their left in the spiritual world. Sometimes, before they even hit the physical world, they are already guiding their parent’s in their decisions about marriage, friendship or any other decisions that we make in life.


Because as a spiritual being, they are always looking for the things that are true to their individual selves. These are things that are consistent with who they are and what they believe in.

As an example, think about this. They may love cars. They may love football. They may love music. They may love flowers. But as a car, they may not like how a certain car is built or how a certain car is designed or how the exhaust note makes them sang.

But, as a child they are perfectly happy with whatever they were attracted to.

In fact, as an adult, they probably still are.

This is what spiritual awareness is. It’s seeing the truth about a person; seeing how that person is really like everyone else. Not because that describes that person, but because it describes you.

Awareness naturally unfolds in your mind, because that’s what you’re here to discover.

You first begin to wonder about the person. But as you wonder about them, small thread of awareness is telling you something.

You keep going with your questions and then you begin to get quiet. That’s the first step.

On that note, the goal of your questions is to give you space to receive answers.

invitations to speak with someone, events – whatever it is your heart desires towards someone. Since so much has been tempting you, you may feel afraid to go forward with inviting the person.

Do yourself a favor and just ask them right in the middle of the conversation. You may not even have to say anything.

Even better, send a friendly email to that person and let them know you will be honoring their desire to be honored. It’s easy and scenic! And best of all, you’re giving yourself a chance to be the authentic person you know you can be.

honoring another’s desire.

Surely that’s something that is part of every person’s life. Whenever we think about someone wanting something like a relationship or sex, or to take something away, we naturally want to honor that person’s desire. It makes sense to us.

But aren’t we missing out on the opportunity to honor our own desires when we’re making such a Struggle for what we want?

You must not struggle to honor someone else’s desire, your own desires.

Perhaps the truly spiritual do so, andomever honors the wishes of others, knows the power that lies dormant within.

Remember that your goals are spiritual, and that includes honoring the spiritual of others.

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Recently I Heard God Speaking To Me
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