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Quantum Physics And The “Not Secret”

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The concepts of The Secret and Quantum Physics will be explored in the not so secret manner.

I will use the term ‘The Secret’ in the title of my weblog. I will use it to signify an area of our consciousness that affects every area of our existence.

The ideas that ‘The Secret’ speaks of, will be explored in the new web-Application called “Wisdom Connection”

The movie that ‘The Secret’ is based on is the best example of the Laws of Quantum Physics. What they state is that there is a infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy that we call the Quantum Ocean or Mind of God.

There is no time, past, present nor future there. There is no space, length, width, depth there. There is only the ‘ HERE-NOW ‘! There fore the ‘ THERE-NOW ‘has everything it takes to bring you what you want.

The wisdom of the Age of Aquarius is just a modern re-telling of the ancient Wisdom teachings. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy that we call the Quantum Ocean. It is the Mind of God.

What this tells us is that the Quantum Ocean has a divine blueprints. That there are divine blueprints in the Mind of God, both on the physical level and also the cosmic level.

These divine blueprints are contained in the ‘whole’ ocean and also individually in each and every one of our individual Minds.

Here is where the logic breaks down. The Quantum Ocean is the Mind of God. Each one of us is a small part of the Mind of God. Therefore, when the mind of each individual one of us thinks about an object, it streaming through the mind of God, carries the Divine Blueprint of the energies of the Infinite Ocean around it.

The Quantum Ocean has everything the individual person needs to attract the things to their self that they want.

Since everything is connected to the Mind of God there is a flow of energy from the Quantum Ocean to our minds. This way of thinking, if properly implemented will bring results in our lives similar to those that were produced by the Mind of God.

Here is the basic formula for the ‘Law of fluency’

“manifest, imaged, held in the Mind of God”




Purities, nay, falsehoods,

shelves in the mind of God

Are mere paper, metal, plastic, weave,

Dream images, self-illusions

Invariably the mind of man

Inges with plastic for thousand of years

Until the time that mind is shaped

By such divine blueprints

(The Secret, lucifer)


Conceived of as a tick on a clock

In relation to the divine Blueprints in the Mind of God

Both are essentially the same

Both are THEIRS alone.

Too often, when we become obsessed with time,

We separate it from the Laws of Quantum Physics.

Time is but a symbol, an abstract notion.

It is but a tool in your mind,

Albeit one useful in your hands.

Time is a limited tool in your mind.

Meditate on the infinite ‘Mind of God.’

Time is but a symbol, an abstraction.

That which is beyond time cannot be perceived by your right brain.

Be your mind divine and contemplate the Infinite ‘I AM.’

When you leave the physical plane and enter the non-physical plane you must do so through the right brain of the Invariable Mind of God.

That is the invitation in the Quantum Ocean to build your bodies to your exact specie. The Divine Blueprint of the probable unlimited plane of probability contains the blueprints for all physical manifestation.

Reg Form is a function which is a structure in the Quantum Ocean that is an oxonym for a ‘perceptible thing.”

In Relativity where you are able to transform an object that is perceived by your right brain into the form of one that is not perceivable by your left brain.

It is a function of one’s divine-self.

Invariable Form or the I AM that destroys all limits of time and space and never changes.

I AM is the Infinite One that offers the solution of I AM that satisfactorily provides form and function to all whom are willing to create it consciously on their level of consciousness in the light of the Mind of God.

When your right brain creates form, I AM does the rest. It is I AM that gives function to form. It is I AM that holds it all in tension while it is still.

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Quantum Physics And The “Not Secret”
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