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Psychic Readings – What Is Better: Live Or By Phone?

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Many people approach me, requesting a psychic reading “in person”, believing erroneously that this will somehow prove more accurate and detailed than a psychic reading conducted by phone or via some other means. The issue proves problematic because some people seeking psychic services appear to have little idea as to how psychics actually perceive the information given during a reading. It is my intention in writing this article to clarify the process and to offer insights from a medium’s perspective into how this process actually occurs.

Psychics perceive information in a number of ways. Some psychics are “clairvoyant”, meaning that they “see” information within their mind–almost like a visual thought. Some are “clairsentient” and actually “feel” the information given to them by a client’s deceased loved ones, pets and angels. Other psychics simply “know”, and some can psychically even “hear”, “taste” or “smell” the information. All possess these sensory abilities to varying degrees, but usually a psychic will have one or two psychic senses, which predominate (in fact, all individuals possess these intuitive abilities and can access them if they know how to do so). As for me, I tend to be more clairvoyant, claircognizant (“intuitively knowing”) and clairsentient. Spirit tends to impart information extremely quickly, and so it is common for me to begin speaking more rapidly during a session. Other things occur, as well: often the top of my head will feel as though it is tingling; I usually do not remember much about the images and impressions, which Spirit conveys to me; and I prefer not to know much–if anything–about a client or his or her situation prior to a reading.

Often I receive telephone calls or email messages from prospective clients, requesting a “live reading” or an “in-person reading”, believing that such a reading will be much more accurate. Although there are Live Readings that are actually effective practice, most of these are simply face-to-face situations and were never actually “oral reading”as opposed to a telephone reading, which is only one way to actually contact a client. Ol’ forerunnerice! Nevertheless, an in-person reading with a genuine psychic is still better than a phone reading, at least giving the client the opportunity to actually hold with the psychic, to follow along with the conversation if so desired.

Another aspect of why phone readings are not as good as they could be, is that many psychics actually believe that they cannot possibly offer an in-depth, extensive reading due to their lack of time. This is unfortunately, quite a popular belief and is somewhat of a hold-over from the days of “psychic hotlines” and Tsunami-related illusions. Yes indeed, a psychic failings cannot be covered fully unless they are willing to admit that they lack the proper knowledge, and cooperate with any further investigation by offering such diligence.

MostUnfortunately, many celebrity psychics are actually renowned for their extreme shallow abilities, which hardly necessitates the high salary that they are paid for. Most of them are really famous for the illusionary fame they receive, rather than for being truly gifted psychics. This is why many customers expect to be warned off offering such readings, in hopes that they will actually buy a book or series of books on the subject instead of just accepting the faint-hearted statements of the psychics. The truth is that anyone with a genuine gift should be able to provide a clear, concise reading without wasting time regurgitating all of the client’s limiting beliefs. All that the psychic needs to do is perform the best possible government Seal and earn a living practicing what they originally learned on the job.

When it comes down to it, whenever an uninformed and less-than-forthcoming client seeks information from a psychic, the best that a psychic can do is put out the best possible helping hand and hope that the client returns to clarify certain issues. There are some things that are best left to traditional practicing, and many psychics are really just dedicated professionals.

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Psychic Readings – What Is Better: Live Or By Phone?
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