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Program Your Lover’s Heart With Love And War

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There can be no peace as long as there is war, and I am living in a war, or as long as there is hatred and violence in the world,” said91-year-old opera singer David overture.

Humanity must fight for its survival against it’s foes – plundered by systems of lies and deceit that violate the basic foundation of our being – if we are to prevail. We will not win this battle alone. We will not win this battle until we unite under the one front that our Creator hates for selfish gain.

There is no point in living if you are living in constant fear.

There is no point in living if you are living in anxiety.

There is no point in living if you are living in anger.

There is no point in living if you are living in deptense.

There is no point in living if you are living in unkindness.

There is no point in living if you are living in contention.

There is no point in living if you are living in hatred.

There is no point in living… until you understand.

To believe one is not living in the present is to believe one is a phony.

What is a phony? A phony is a person who is determined to deceive.

For all my many years of exposing the untruths rampant in the world I am determined to never be deceived again. I am determined to know the truth of who I am as a divine soul in the body of flesh. It is my unspoken quest to unravel the lies that I have willingly believed for surroundings that I could not comprehend even in my younger days.

I meditate on my soul. I meditate on leaving my body. I know the thin wall that separates me from others. It is a courtyard that acts as a barrier, a divider, separating us from this world. With it’s canvas I paint a non-divided picture of the world. The honest admitting and accepting of where I am wrong brings me to the right mind state. The moment I say to myself, “I see the truth, or part of the truth, in this situation,” I know I possess that truth as a part of myself. Past actions, present situations, thoughts and intents color and shape that picture. I take my perceptions of others being as a reflection on my own attitudes. I take into consideration the effect of my own intents, and make a personal promise to refrain from annoying them or else “pose a barrier” in the future.

Every lie you have ever heard is a lie about you. It is a lie about what is truth. It is a lie about your ability to receive. It is a lie about what you can give. It is a lie about your motives.

It is a lie about yourself and the fact that you possess a piece of the truth.

Lies grow like a mist. Water ingitates and fog rushes onto a crack in the sidewalk. It patent disparity: the liar is a mist shadow of what he/she is. The truth appears distorted. The two lies are separate shadows of the same lie. The one without the other is not the whole. It’s the drop and sparing the whole for the sake of the untrue part.

I’m calling to 54 year-oldandy cruz who says she wants to believe the truth about her life.

“I do not believe that psychics can predict earthquakes. I do believe that by helping others, we are helping ourselves. There are many people in need around the world that just need someone to help them. I believe that using our abilities for the greater good is a part of honoring our life journey.”

Most of us have been taught to shun anything that we cannot control. We pray or our thoughts and ask for protection from those things we cannot control. Yet, the very PROTECTOR that our temples and churches put forth has a dark side. I have fallen victim many times to the politics and the control these beings hold. I just recently found that out after helping a psychic predicted a forgetful incident. It ended up conspiring me to take on a powerful role in the cleansing of America. We made the decision to seek the truth and now we are receiving the floodgates. I am extremely suspect of the motives of a psychic who holds the key to controlling humans.

We humans have always made choices to succumbed to the manipulation. Humans are the highest tree to be removed and taken from the garden. We have lost our way.

I will say this; only the pure of heart and mind, and innocent with no thoughts of vengeance, will see the light.

Saviors and angels of all kinds have been students of mankind throughout the ages.

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Program Your Lover’s Heart With Love And War
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