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Problems In Life – Divine Solutions – Part 2

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The Market And The Real World

Is there a contradiction in the world – a problem with the same solution? Are you living in a state of “flourishing” or in a state of “dorrowing?”

Both are true at the same time!

The first problem is a state of simultaneous grasping and dis- grasping at Wholeness and dis-grasping at the separate Self.

How do you begin to grasp that which is truly a part of the “whole?” A part of the “wholeness” that is the Eternal?

You must learn to dis-identify with the separate YOU, as that separates and diminishes both the Spiritual and the material.

So, the first step to overcome that which separates is to seek Wholeness as the ultimate goal for each ” Insight” you receive.

This is an “Insight” from the field of the “Insight” you are developing during your “Ongoing” work with Spirit at this time.

Learn to look for what you are attracted to as you open your mind to all that is. pricing does not matter.You feel it in your heart.

It is a strong “ng” attracting more good into your life. It is a change in what you are focusing on.

Become familiar with what you are “iating” and to do so even during the “absorbing” of the energies.

Practice “seeing” the good. Enjoy how your “ng” truly manifests. Be aware of the good and the positive in every “problem” or event. Enjoy the process. Feedback is infinitely valuable.

This is “seeing” your way through the illusions, the problems, the sorrows and the pains. Disappointment is only a “problem” you created for yourself. As you become more aware of what you are passing through, you will not become as proficient at creating more problems – for yourself!

With the insights, the opportunities come – and the “wanting” to create more good stuff!

Instead of worrying, worrying, worrying and having all those energy banks, where could you put your attention? How could you reclaim this “dream” of yours that you have had?

Have your attention on that which is truly worthy of your attention. You are guided to those things which are the energies of Divine flow.


It’s all a matter of anchoring your consciousness into your heart, your solar plexus, the “sacred space” in between your two eyes.

Close your eyes.

What is in this “sacred space” that you can just enter intellectually, enter mentally, and enter deeply?

See a patch of violet light in the center of your chest.

Can you see this violet fire? What is this divine fire doing there in the center of your chest?

Go ahead and explore this place in the twinkling of an eye while you are still alive. You will enter a sacred space that will be completely different from that when you are sleeping.

You see, when you are asleep you are unaware of the deep crevasses, the vast abysss that separate you from this “ideal space.”

While you are sleeping, this “optimum space” is narrowed to only the shallow and superficial glens surrounding the rainbow.

When you do your best to clear this immediate space, your partake of the game, you precept upon another deeper state of consciousness. More of your Self will enter. More of your Self will create.

So simply allow the dreams to come and go. The Simon Says let’s shake hands. The waters ebb and flow. I AM the waters ever flowing.

Feel the pulsing inside of this “violet spark”inite point. Help it flow into the deeper crevasses of your Heart Chakraand then beyond into your Soul Star or Internal Base Chakraif you are in the middle of it.

Once it has found apathway into your deeper frequencies, assist it to dance its way up the pathway to your crown chakra using your attention.

Once it has found this pathway, you become open to allow this “potential energy” to unite into Reality what is, was or what you desire to become.It’s just that simple.

You cannot “affirm” something that is genuinely Area or Soul based.

So simply allow the potential energy within youto flowand recognize the pulsing of your Higher Self in your Heart.Your job is simply to listen.

All the ACTS are simply processes that you do. They are affirmations of energetically-Inspired Creation. They are creations at a certain frequency Ezine would call them… your ENFP vibration.

Problems In Life – Divine Solutions – Part 2
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