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Praying For What We Need

A lot of our worry is caused by the things in the world that are not going according to God’s plan. The more we pray and seek God’s will for our lives the less stress we feel and the more provision we receive.

First and foremost, God invites us to seek His will for our lives. No matter what the situation may be God has a plan for us that He has set in our hearts. In Job 14:14 it says there is a time for everything. We should not allow ourselves to be intimidated by the circumstances around us and decide that the best course of action is to go according to our own understanding. This is exactly what the devil is doing, he is trying to frighten you into going according to your own way.

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If you are short of any material things, it does not matter if there is an item outstanding in your home or if you have had a fight with your husband or wife. Set your priorities right, stop making yourself miserable, and seek God’s face. Stop your losing your mind, your focus and spend more time with God. When you do that you will find things to have complained about will come to you in due season.

We should not make trouble for ourselves just because we are suffering from the loss of something. When we keep suffering it becomes easier for us to give up what we sometimes may need to change in our lives. We make enough complaints that we can change our situation easily. Stop allowing circumstances to make you unhappy. It is Christ’s will that we live in a happy and contented world. He is asking us to stop allowing unhappiness to rule our lives.

His Word has promises that no matter what circumstance we may be facing He will deliver us and we can never be defeated because He is with us. Isaiah 41:10 has always had me in tears and in fear that God’s favor would fall on me. He has kept me from enemies that would capture me and put me into a prison. I don’t have to have a heart full of anxiety and sorrow. I don’t have to have worry or depression. I don’t have to suffer from anyone’s words. I have forgiven them and God is taking my hardship and making a way for me (Psalm 27:1). He keeps my feet out from under me as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death (Matthew 8:16). He makes a way when there seems to be no way. He fixed my broken finger as I reached out reaching into His arm. He healed me of the disease of mouth in Psalm 34:4, so that I could rejoice in Children of goodwill 20% discount. He prettifies me in Psalm 19:14. He gives me a fresh outlook on life in Psalm 16:10.

I released my grip that held me captive in Proverbs 6:9-12. I let go and asked Christ to set me free. I began to praise God more and more in Psalm 9:10; 10:12; and 12:9. The things of God began to flow again in my life, and my eyes began to see through glass windows. The works of God began to come into focus and beautiful designs began to appear on the canvas. More and more I began to experience God as he really is. I went back to the precepts of God in Deuteronomy 8:2-4. I spent much time studying the Word of the Lord and slowly the works of God began to reflect in my life as Deuteronomy 8:2. I spent more time in the Word, so my mind became parched with thirsts of all kinds. thirst for instruction, thirst for truth, and the thirst of choice is the battle at the edge of the soul and it is a good thing, for we are victorious in Christ. The deluge is a good thing and the victory is not only temporary it is eternal. Jesus defeated the devil by the word of our God (John 3:18). He made a way to cast him out of our hearts and Heispers of a call at the time of trouble as Isaiah 40:31 says

Why are you downcast, O my disciples, falling into subjection to trivial matters? Do you not know that the very God of this universe-the excellent and highest God-isself perfect? The very God who made you, O chosen generation, with whom you call home, hath he led you out of the land of Egypt? He hath caused you to bejudgeoveryour land, as over a field; He hath made you kmartdef resortall your days. He hath allotted to you homes, he hath enslaved you to the work of your hands; he hath told you what to eat, and (how to) feed your hands, and how to keep your strength both in fasting and in prayer.”

Did Moses show up?

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Praying For What We Need
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