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Prayer Resolutions – Which Prayer Is Really The Best?

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Some of us write our resolutions about all the wonderful things we want to do, and some of us write them about what we do not want to do. Which is the real prayer, the resolution that affects our whole life?

There are principles in prayer that we should keep in mind, if we are to make our prayers action filled.

1. We must pray with a right heart. In Luke 18:6, Jesus tells us that there will be fruit in our lives if we have a good heart. A good heart is hard to keep, but God rewards those who are good. The better we feel about things, and our attitude to men, the better the blessings will be in our life.

2. We must forgive all our fellowmen. full or even half forgiveness if you can; God knows before we do the wrong thing. but we must forgive men also. We must remember that the hurts that others have caused may not be ours to bear or our own to bear alone. There is always someone else who has suffered more than we have. Still, we must forgive even others.

3. When praying, we must have right motives. We must pray without selfish motives, the motive of gaining anything. We must pray only for God’s will and to find favor with God and man. We must remember always that God likes a cheerful giver. He loves a cheerful giver, and will prosper us if we are a giver. We must remember that it is better to be a little watchful than to take the chance and be a deceiver.

4. We must pray with good intent. We must keep in mind what we want to achieve, and what is helpful for us to achieve, and be convinced that we have the ability to do so. If we don’t have the right intentions, or the best one, then our prayer will not help us achieve our goals.

5. We must pray without doubt or any hesitation. We must have the conviction that God will answer our prayer, and that we do not need to do anything but to continually stay on his Word and his Eternal Hand as the determinant of our prayer life.

6. We must maintain a thankful heart. We must not feel that we have to do any particular thing, or do anything particular, as our prayer of faith depends on what God wants and does and what we can do.

7. We must pray without hindrance; or unnatural circumstances. We must not let hinder from our prayer, natural or unnatural, because then it will become a duty, and no longer a prayer of faith.

8. We must have a thankful heart towards God. We must realize that God sent His Son to die for us, and we are asking Him to forgive our sins.

9. We must be convinced that God hears and answers our prayers. We must have the assurance that our prayers are heard and that they will be answered according to His Will.

10. We must be confident that God will give us what we ask. We must stay in the truth, and not get caught up in doubts or unbelief, and we must always be ready to give an answer to our prayer.

This is the first step in exercising our Divine gift of prayer. We must work on these factors, because they are very important to the quality of our prayer life. Our prayer life is what determines the measure of the quality of our lives.

A word of explanation is in order before we continue. The Greek word used in this passage literally means “to supplicate God”. It literally means “to ask, to beg, to plead”. It means to implore, to implore as in the office of thector:

everyday we ask for justice from God, and we expect our petitions to be granted. We must be patient and do all that we can to secure justice from God. As faithful stewards of justice, we must be harmless and not obstruct the attainment of our requests.

Likewise, we must also ask God for what we confess. We must be careful that our petitions be just, because no one will grant us anything to which he did not make at the time of our offenses, according to the measure of our offense. The bible enjoins us to confess our faults one to another, according to the measure of our guilt.

And this is the way to our Christian prayer. We confess our sins one to another, and implore for mercy, since it is only through mercy that we are able to admit our sins and ask for forgiveness.

The bible says that if we ask according to the will of God, we shall receive. If we determine that our will is not in accordance with God’s, we shall not be able to receive or refuse the answer.

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Prayer Resolutions – Which Prayer Is Really The Best?
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