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Prayer Assassination – Why?

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I believe many people have heard of the term “preeza.” It is an old and deep Greek word that refers to a secret and deliberate plan. Quite simply put, it is the attempt of an individual or a group to eliminate a person; a plan of elimination. Could it be that we, too, are engaging in “preeza.” Not only are we doing it to other human beings, but we are doing it collectively as well. Could it be that our words and the power of our words are being utilized for the destruction of countless lives, not only in this world, but lives that we will see after we are gone?

Consider these words from the writings of Paul: “I count not myself to have apprehended: But this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”-Philippians 3:3-4

The third verse puts it quite simply: “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”-Philippians 3:3-4.

In other words, we are to press into the reality of Christ, not only in our quiet time with Him, but we are to push all of our limited beliefs and ideas out the window and into the presence of Christ.

And what does Christ want us to push? Truth be told, He wants us to die to ourselves. He wants us to realize that all of our48 senses are dead unto the kingdom of God and make for Himself an everlasting church. He wants us to be born again – to die to ourselves to the old self and become naked – which is to be transformed into the same image of Christ. As Paul stated earlier, in order to be victorious, we need to die to our old self in Christ and He desires to do this through dieing to our senses. In addition, Paul states that to be transformed we must “let [Christ’s] light shine in our darkness, that the darkness might not blind us.” (2 Corinthians 4:7) So we are called to walk in the light, even though the darkness of the world constantly afflicts us with its presence.

The vessel for this light to shine through is the Church and the membership of the Church, sustained and led by the Holy Spirit, to the church and the world.

Jesus states: “And the times of this ignorance shall not pass away; but the righteous shall live by his faith; and that he might gird up his loins, imaginings, and his behind, unto the end of the age.” (Isaiah 66:12) And as the age of the Church drew to its close, Christ states that “And he shall deliver up the crown of righteousness unto his enemies: and they shall rise up against him, saying, that he hath robbed us the glory of his God, and hath transmitted our truce unto his people, saith God.” (Isaiah 66:22)

The enemies that welost in this world are those who have robbed us of God’s glory. These are the secular dignitaries of politics, economics, arts, science, and even religion, who are all warring against the standard of God. They are revealed in the art manifests of rebellion such as: pornography, Smyrna (pire), confession and remistration of sins, multiple sexual partners and Covention of marriage, self- Vice, immorality (leness), and rebellion toward God and His plan for the human race.

We cannot allow Christ to be taken into consideration to fight against our oppressions. Take it from a true Christian, the Lord Jesus has already won the battle for us. As for us, we still have work to do to reach souls, but our efforts will be hindered not from occurring if we disregard the efforts of Christ. In order to truly win the battle for us, we must all work together – both outside and inside the church – in executing His plan into the hearts of men and women. We must all uphold each other’s stations, not destroy each other’s station. We must listen to and work with what Christ has given us to share the gospel.

The heart and spirit of the church are what Christ has empowered us to be and what the prince of darkness has sought to steal from us. The church is not solely a place of fellowship, prayer, worship, and teaching of the Word. It is not the enemy’s playground. Satan has quite some plans in store for the saints of God if we let him (ie, give him fuel for his fiery assault). The devil’s playground is a place we should want no part of – the church – and this echoes the words of a wicked god tempting Eve in the garden.

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Prayer Assassination – Why?
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