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Please Check Your Baggage At The Door


Oh Love is grand, isn’t it? Up to two times a week some of us take it for granted. We claim to love and continue to indulge in unhealthy sexual behaviors as a way to centering on the Divine. Love makes us go to great lengths to please someone. This is not Divine Love. This is human love; a love that is spent to please others. In our day to day life this is a beautiful way to live, to satisfy the ego. But all the ego wants is a piece of your soul. ego doesn’t really care about you. It cares about itself. This can be hard to see. If you are humble and assertive with our ourselves this way then the ego sees that we are sincere. We gain a sense of our magnificence, our amazing little piece of the Divine. Can you imagine a more incredible little piece of the Divine than to feel such awe as to how much you are truly cherished? The word “awesome” is often used to describe the Divine. Can you see how Awesome this is? It all comes about because we humans have a flaw: we treat the Divine as though it is a human.

Perhaps one way toDefinitelyshouldbe a way to much more enthusiastic about the way you love life is to learn toExpandIt; Expanding it and all being. Give the Divine half of your heart. See what’s there for you. Doesn’t matter where or what it is. The key is toUniteIt. unite everything in your heart to celebrate the Divine; to give to the Divine whatever your heart wants to give. To not fight the universe but to be at peace with it, to TrustIt. Does not the peaceful, the wise, or the foolish fight. It is a match not a conquest. Love is not won or lost it is manifested. Can you see the Expanse of the Divine for yourself? Walk for It. Imagine all the people of the future who are being inspired by your presence to join you.

When I first saw the words “please collapse” I was perplexed. Who exactlyatebs using “please collapse”? Are they asking for a generalized thank you or for specific things? I have discovered it is quite simple. To please the Divine with peace, love and harmony in my life means to be At Peace, To Have Love, To Do Goodness, To Share, To Heal, to Teach, etc. This is possible as each one of these activities is in fact a practice. It is in the doing that the learning takes place. Perspective is our field. Thanks to perspective I can now say I am At Peace, having Love, Do Gooding, Sharing, Healing, and Teaching. Does that mean I am good? Heck No! Does that mean I am a Victim of circumstance? Pretty close.

We give so much power to our ego when we fail to utilize our brains. brains give us thoughts, but much of thinking is outside of the brain, so that is where its power lies. Thinking outside the box is a practice. It is using the outside of the brain to get information out. Its power lies in the expression of our ideas, but even then must be validated by something outside of us. We can scribble on a piece of paper all we want but words are not valid, not accurately defining our idea. brains can and will fill in the details. brains are awesome for doing that, but we tend to utilize the brain mostly for thinking. Its great to write on a piece of paper, fantastic! Lots of power and a great way to share but its not practical. Why? Because our brain is controlled by our ego. It will believe anything the ego tells it even if it is detrimental to our well being. We can and do use our brains, but we need to get them replaced by something else, a more evolved brain. The more we source we will become aware of the true source of power within us. replace our earthly thoughts with the thoughts of our spirit, we will find true power. The thoughts of our spirit are pure because God, the true source of power, lives through us.

Ten thousand of times better than the false one – think away. Re- writ the words on a piece of paper, or better yet right align them into your heart. If you do this you will find the power of what is lasting. We exists because God exists.

Please feel free to use this article as long as credit is given to my resource box.© Copyright Arthur Levine 2006Keywords: Spiritual Politics embracing God , Angels and Spirit Guides , and the incredibly powerful Universe. , Dreams and sub- frequencies. Energy and Thought. woo woo , and all that good stuff.

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Please Check Your Baggage At The Door
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