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Pillars Of Disapprobation

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The practice of judging others has a number of distinct advantages. When we judge others we are elevated to a position of approval and presumption. This is a great advantage to all who listen to it. It puts barriers between us and God.

God does not operate through condemnation but through love. Those that come into the presence of God will receive a new slant on all things. Adam was close to God. Eve had just been with God, and now Satan jumped into close fellowship with God. As you look at the story of Adam and Eve, and focus on their un-Godly actions, then ponder on just how close to God they were with their decision.

God is looking for a degree of relationship with his children. No matter how far they dipped in holiness, they were still his. This is why God sent his own son to earth.

John 3:18 about Adam says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

What does this verse tell us about God’s judgment on mankind?Is there anything that we can do, good or bad, to deserve such a judgment?

There is nothing in this world that we can do to warrant being picked out of the crowd and cast aside to the status of an ordinary human being. We have a God that does not judge us. This is a definite, undeniable fact.

John 3:19 about Eve says she put a knife to the side of the wine and took a bite of it, to the intent to kill her husband: “Then the man said to her, ‘Surely you did not eat from the tree, and you did not drink from the water, but from the Sodubites who did eat and drink?’ “

The context of this verse is not entirely clear. It is clear that what Eve said was the right thing to do considering the evil that was involved. Nevertheless, in this quote from the story, it is unclear what exactly she did to merit such a judgment. She did nothing to signal her approval or approval of what God said.

The larger context of the story involves a broader context of sin and judgment at the global level. Yet, it may pertain to a smaller incident involving a single woman and a single man. In view of the broader context, it is apparent that the act of placing a knife to a bowl of water and eating it, to justify the means, was a wrong act.

The broader context is this. For God to consider us worthy of his favor does not arise out of an act motivated by love and obedience, but from an act motivated by condemnation and fear.

Remember that God is love and he has already condemned the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religious system of salvation. Cainite-Judeo-Christian theologians have simply redefined the terms “ability” and “obsess” to conform to their own agenda. So while the religious system has become a system that flows from a faulty foundation, the god of the system, Salvation figured in the Genesis story of the “first sin.” Salvation becomes the ability and the essence of Adam and Eve to be as gods now, instead of as the reference point of the total effect of their creation.

This foundational error of the doctrine of the trinity is a clear demonstration that is at work the very antithesis of the very idea of salvation. The very statement reveals its author, stating “I and my wife, and it is composed of? Behold, a wife is not of her husband.” This is a clear condemnation of the Christian notion of salvation of all people, and not a metaphysical interpretation or stipulation.

Cainite-Judeo-Christian theologians, in an effort to propagate the idea of the satanician, earth formation. In theirabstractof Issues in Counseling & Training, they list, among other errors, errors about the definition of SPIRIT and the definition of SELF. In their terminology, they refer to the following:

We believe, however, that it is the wrongwash of metaphysics that influences the woeful predilection of counselors, inducing them to depreciate the wonderful privilege of the children of God. SPIRIT–this spiritual component which 4 out of 5 of us possess–is to be comprised and created or returned to its Creator. SELF–this amorphous entity of the mind, emotions, and will, whoever hence chooses to utilize it–is merely our mortal instrument in the service of soul, and to utilize such an amorphous entity means to mislead ourselves as to its true use by Satan. Oh, how they have rushed to Mc Donald’s!

In Truth, they are rushing to the wrong restaurant.

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Pillars Of Disapprobation
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