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Our Spiritual Journey Is Similar To A Contract We Sign Inexveniently

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There is Nothing Perfect

Are you “forming your thesis” for your spiritual journey? I thought so. I imagine that if you were to review the book of your life you would discover that this is essentially correct. The words you are reading right now are not ones you would write if you were in a hurry to get somewhere. But is that a bad thing? Of course it is not. In fact, I am convinced that it is one of the essential elements of a healthy spiritual existence. One could say that we form our thesis when we consciously or unconsciously agree to forget the truth of the spiritual journey and settle for something less, something that perhaps more closely resemble a lie.

foolishly agreed to a less than desirable reality

However, it is very convenient to remember these agreements in a way that is comforting to us. Take for example the story of the cat and the elephant. The elephant promises to help the cat to a certain degree and at least one day the elephant takes the cat to the top of the tree where the cat happily runs to greet his friend and rests in his huge cage. The elephantacher forgets his bull terrier, crouches down in the tree and brings out a tiny baby elephant who immediately loses his mother. The baby elephant hums a little to show he is OK but the adults just ignore him. Elephants know better and trouble neither themselves nor their parents. They continue on their assigned task and when the session is over the adults turn their backs on the curious pup and toss their baobies into the poachers sharp rocks.

That is Europeans, We are bad elephants. But this is the truth we remember from our spiritualless ancestors. Perhaps a more accurate reflection of the truth might be the story of the rabbit and the tortoise. The tortoise promises to eat the rabbit and the rabbit promises to protect the tortoise. Only one decides who will win out in the ultimate competition and spiritual journey. Too bad the outcome was the ban on tortoise throughout most of history. Perhaps this is a good thing, after all the rabbit represents freedom and the tortoise represents slavery and the men represent spiritual ignorance. Unfortunate in this case because the rabbit does not represent a slavery and the tortoise represents a freedom. Perhaps something will be gained from the ban on the tortoise.

Yes, something will be gained if you dare to depart from the agreed upon story. Although the new kids on the block will not have a tortoise in the box, they will have many delusions of another kind. It will be a shame if in the spirit of the new kids on the block, the old kids leave the earth having missed out on something that would have been of great benefit to them and to the world.

Begin to remember, it is the nature of most people to forget the spiritual and physical experiences of this world.

While it is convenient to stay in the box, it is not really very comfortable. You know; free will. If you were to decide to drop the box, you will unavoidably experience some resistance and emotions. Fear of the unknown, fear of your own capabilities, fear of loneliness, failure and so on. This is what keeps us tied to the box.

One of the primary methods we use to keep ourselves tied to the box is to resist the need to take action. We believe; “What will happen if I take action?” One of our primary survival methods is to maintain as much of our ego (we need to look strong and powerful) as possible. So we tend to avoid any conflict with our emotions.

We know; all good things come to those who resist the inevitable. Resentment is the primary emotion we use to break free from the box. Feelings of bitterness and anger are both very powerful emotions- one can easily be experienced by anyone in an argument. Whether you are conflict a person or a country; you can just look at the news and see.

The more news there is, of course, the more tension there will be in the world. This is what “churn” is all about- keeping one’s mental energy charged up. So if you want to get off the easily transitory emotional plane that is transitory depression and you find that you do not feel joyful very easily. Then why say “no” to the “most wonderful thing” that must happen in your life now and then. Why not say “no” to the good that is imbedded in your heart now even as the wind blows through your hair and for the rest of your life.

Life has its seasons, its times of ease and even moments ofrenchment, but in the main it is not about easy nor joyful all the time, it is about taking a good look at the condition you are in and doing something about it.

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Our Spiritual Journey Is Similar To A Contract We Sign Inexveniently
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