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Our Sin And Our Justification

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All of what has been formerly discussed is now brought forward to stand before us as in reality a clear contrast to what Christ preached and the power of His sacrifice for our sins:

“For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under the law, but under grace.” – Romans 8:15 (NKJV)

The Celebrated Sinner’s Prayer

Lord, I thank You that I am not the servant of righteousness, but I’m obedient to Your Word. Help me to be confident in my new relationship with Christ, that my sin attitudes have been replaced with an attitude of love and a prayerful attitude. Help me to profess my new found respect and appreciation of You by continually looking within and touching the hem of Your garment.pleting this relationship with You must be the most important thing I will ever do.

Before I count my many blessings of being a new believer in Christ, I consider the points of sin I have previously committed such as:

1. Sin of murmuring or complaining rather than praise:

I have learned to become silent and count my many blessings as I walk by faith, rather than ventilating my frustrations and complaining.

I rejoice in the fact that I am whole, healed and forgiven.

I believe in the sovereignty of the Lord and the appointments of your day. I am not anxious about tomorrow, because I have been delivered, freedom is at hand.

I rejoice in the fact that You are in my life and have set me free.

I am convinced that the fight is over because You are going to show up.

I am released from the sins I committed and can never commit them again.

I give thanks as I am well aware that you are the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I praise You for the power You enabled to heal me and change who I am. I am at peace.

Help me to walk in humility as You gave me a throne.

Help me to keep my conscience clear so that my actions will apple to Your commands.

Help me to seek the Kingdom of God above all things.

Help me to hunger and thirst for justice, mercy, freedom, and any good thing I will see.

Help me to tune You in to the very beginning of every day.

Help me live without fear and with an attitude of faith and trust.

Help me to forget the negative things I once believed and instead concentrate on every good thing You have for me.

Help me to spend more time with You through the Holy Spirit that is in me.

Help me know who You really are and the true basis of Your character.

Help me to trust You when You say something.

Help me to believe when You say I can’t.

Help me to obey You when You ask me to do something.

Help me know the Truth and not just what You want me to believe.

Help me to receive the truth, and then, help me live it fully.

Help me to discern the truth, and then help me live it.

Help me understand the depth of Your love for me, and the magnitude of the impact You have in my life.

Help me realize the greatness of the exposes of Your sacrifice for my sake, and the magnitude of who You really are.

Help me realize theprovenges You give me because of my own sins, and the Bread of Life which You give me.

Help me to carry the negligence you observe in Your unfaithfulness with faith, hope and charity.

Help me to never look to You for who to call when I’m lonely.

Help me know thefulness of Your mercy, compassion and grace.

Help me consider the Invisible Things of Your creation.

Help me consider the unseen, and help me know the truth of the goodness of Your heart.

Help me to surrender the things to the Lord in which I’ve developed an opinion, because they don’t matter.

Help me to follow You.

Help me know that You exist in every heart, and in every mind, even in the parts I find puzzling.

Help me know that You exist in my body and every creature You create.

Help me know that You are grateful to me, even if I’m a bit foolish.

Help me know that I exist as part of Your grace.

Help me know the joy You give to my life even if I insist on being foolish.

Help me understand that You exist in the simplest things of life, and I will be Your servant. Help me know this.

Help me know the entire revelation of Your Holy Name.

Help me know that You exist in Your Word, in mercy, justice and truth.

Help me know that my faith is the army of which I’m a part.

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Our Sin And Our Justification
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