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Our Main Purpose On Earth Is To Discover And Master The Love Frequency

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Our main purpose here on Earth is to discover, live and express love in the purest sense of the word. Love is the key to our entire evolution. There is nothing that can possibly go wrong if we constantly express love. Creation itself thrives on love. When we express love we see creation succeed.

Regardless of how safe or secure you may feel in the world, you will have moments of crisis. These crisis may come unexpectedly or perhaps at some point during your life. However, the only way to master the flow of love is to go within. We must first be centered, then the love frequency will seep into our being and flourish.

Within our consciousness we express the love frequency through the body. When we discover the voice of love within, the divine wisdom of the soul comes forth to guide us. The more we let the love energy flow, the more we enhance our spiritual lives. Even if life is filled with difficult tasks and circumstances, find the joy in each one. Embrace them. Let yourself be embraced by the energy of love. This is our main purpose here on Earth.

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In my coaching practice I am reaching out to a new group of clients who simply want to learn how to create love in their lives and feel it flow through their bodies and to assist in resolving their current situations. The most common question I get is, “Why is it so difficult to feel love?” I simply view it as another gift given to me by my soul to help me in my quest to assist others.

Love is another word for the emotion or energy that is prominent within our world and universe. It is a frequency that is emitted to the degree that we accept and allow it to exist. Love vibrates at a higher frequency than fear and hate. Love is the opposite of fear/hate and exists in both worlds. In this way, love has a lighter feeling.

I believe, through the experience of my work, people come to realize that they are an inseparable part of the energy of love. It is this energy that I help my clients to understand and accept. Once love is accepted and lived daily, it becomes the astringent force that helps one grow and simultaneously clears away the debris that keeps one from seeing a clearer view of life.

I believe that one’s mantra should be: I am love

I am love, found in I Am, the book

I am love, found in Buddha’s teaching

I am love, found in the Dali Lama’s speech

I am love, found in the union between man and woman

I am love, found in every breath that I take

I am Love, found in the gift of life

I am: Am I Anger, Guilt, Hatred, Revenge, Sadness, Creativity

I am love, found in forgiveness

I am: Am I Insight, Wisdom, Compassion

I am love, found in the union of couple and society

I am: Am I Intelligence, Harmony, Power

I am love, found in the powerful of wisdom

I am: Am I Creativity, Happiness, Passion

I am love, found in the beautiful nature of my children

I am: Am I Discipline, Order, Secretivity

I am love, found in the well-being of my clients

I am: Am I Honour, Strength, Courage, Creativity

I am love, found in theujjatriskaverso that I am myself

I am: Am I Success, Silver, Crystal, Gold

I am love, found in the beautiful manifestations of my family members

I am: Am I Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual

I am love, found in my ability to cope with each situation as it arises, with a positive attitude and the faith to sort it out eventually

I am: Am I Anyone

I am love is everyone, all human beings, all life forms in this universe we call Earth

I am: Am I Calm, Patient, Compassionate, Truthful, creatively optimistic

I am love, found in the precious nature of my clients

I am: Am I Present, Inclusive, Affirming, Unifying, clarifying

I am love, found in the beauty of my work

I am: Am I Uncling, Satisfied, Stressed, Courageous, Journeyman

I am love, found in the synergy of my life

I am: Am I Ready to overcome each obstacle and release it so that it can be overcome with love

I am: Am I Present assembling all my tools in the tool belt of labelled Intuitive voices of my inner childGod within me

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Our Main Purpose On Earth Is To Discover And Master The Love Frequency
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