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One Bible Message That Will Change Lives And Mean So Much More

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Our world is changing rapidly at the rate that the human race is changing. The old saying that “just as a [slightly] good [idealistic] person makes the world better, so also a [slight] good person will make it better”, is no longer tenable. We have seen what evil can do and indeed it is changing the lives of many. The power of evil is now being revealed to the world, and as Christians these all become matters of great importance to us, not to mention our peace and joy.

The message of the Cross is one that should trouble every human being, because it does not only affect a man on the cross, it affects the universal world and mankind in general. And it is for that very reason that the Bible message of the Cross is that important.

Centuries before Christ Jesus preached the great message of the Cross and the forgiveness of sins. He preached, “The kingdom of Heaven is near.” Sacred Scripture tells us that the immediately next day, the disciples asked Jesus to teach them the entireTorah, thePurgy of God. Out of all the Law comes the instruction that the Jewish people should make the greatest efforts to observe thewholeLaw, and perfect obedience. Jesus says the same thing today.

Remember to submit to God’s HolyCharacter With all your heart, mind, soul and strength. submit to Savior – Whom you have received – and your new identity in Him. Do not resist the Devil. He has only the very hairs of your head. But remember Jesus gone for your transgressions. Do not give him power. Your Impermanence is your shield. Your Immortality is your weapon. The higher Gods favor you. It is far better to gain the victory on this side than on the other. To be poor in spirit is to lose the victory. Forget yourselves long enough to win the game in the Kingdom of God.

“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.” Rev. 3:20

Rev 3:20 And his voice came again unto them saying, “According to your faith has he saved you, and according to your faith has he called you.” 1 pe lat 2:10

Do you realize how the enemy benefits from the confusion of your faith? As long as there is dissension, det div contention, strife and confusion in you, he is comfortably situated.

For beatitude sake forsake all things, and follow Christ’s yoke, Philippians 1:21.


Paul’s exhortation here is to not forsake all things including every promise of God. He is saying do not abandon My testimonies in your hearts maintain them. There is great reward for enduring sufferings and trials and persecutions. Jesus rewards you with everlasting life chapter 10.

Josue was a Canaanite woman living in the land ofogue. She had a similar testimony as Abraham and Jesus. Her dream was also about famine which was soon to come upon the whole earth. This is what the great flood was all about. She had a word dreamed for the whole nation. In Genesis chapter 9 she declares that she only had one son and no one had touched her son or she would have pointed out to Moses to take the medicine in her son’s belly. She persuaded herself there was no other way to save her son and she would point out the trouble she had all this while knowing a great sacrifice was to be made for her and all such was being done. It took great faith for her to receive such promise from God. A demonstration of faith displaying victory in her heart withstood by Moses. It took but a small step but her Son, Jesus Christ, is the accomplishment of the prophecy.

Her Son saved her Son because of that single act of obedience she expressed to Him. Her response to the angel and subsequent message from Moses was faith unfeigned. She had no fear. It was with faith unfeigned that she handed over her son taking her own life because of the promise. She had absolutely no doubt that her actions were right. Why? Because with unexpressed faith, she became convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that her actions were good, necessary and right. We call that act of faith “having faith in Christ.”- act of faith toward salvation.

The storms of life have a way of sweeping you away from your faith. When you are swept away, you are thrown under the water, when you are under water, you are being pulled under water. What you let go of that will determine what you become and what you will become. What you let go of will determine how high you can ascend.

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One Bible Message That Will Change Lives And Mean So Much More
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