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On The Fifth Day Of Christmas (The Story Of Theativity)

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ON THE FIFTH day of Christmas my True Love sent to me five golden rings.

All linked together, these rings tell the story of creation. Creation starts with a single spark of Divinity, a single drop of original water, a single drop of rainbow Energy. A Quantum Ocean, actually. an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent water that created from Itself into Souls. A Soul is the generic term for a essence of Self. A Soul is an essence made up ofnergies. Each Soul is connected, interdependent on each other and inter-dependent on the Creator. We all ‘blink out’ of the un-manifested Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, onto the physical plane, where our individual Souls incarnate.

Here is the clue to the riddle. It is here that we need to understand that there are no solved questions in this realm of theolveance. We do not have a yes or no answer. The Quantum Ocean, Mind of God is beyond our comprehension and any answer we could offer is bound to be stale and insufficient. “Is this so” is all we can offer. Is this so is the only advice we can give. We do have a tendency to learn and grow from our experiences and as such this is all that God can give us. Is this so limited though? Can there be more to this then the explanation from a scientific viewpoint which is limited to cause and effect? It cannot be. Look into the worlds of science with the constant of the red shift. In our Quantum ocean, there is a constant, a subtle tone. With our minds we perceive this signify a red shift and explain it as time or space, cause and effect. But is that the complete explanation? No it can not.

Time is but a construct, a limited linear reference with the evolvement of the World Soul. Space is an illusion. We areallwitnessing this illusion. Without witness, there is no experience. Without experience, there is no growth. Thus, the carry influence of the red accent on our experiences is not thehardestJob. It is rather thepearest.

It is this subtle, almost imperceptible, gift of God, this alluring all-seeing eyesight of mine that allows us to solve, subdue, and otherwise deal with problems. All of existence is growing. It is forever vibrating with a certain kind of potential energy. And as we ignore these inherent qualities of Life, simply because we can’t see them, they will manifest as problems within our lives and with our demise. The equation is simple: evolve or die. It is a choice that we make each moment and are ultimately responsible for.

Now in these times of Aquarius and enlightenment, we have gained a insight that we need to be more attuned to our True Self. We are no more our minds or any other organ or vehicle we may have invented to ‘live’ or be human. These vehicles are simply the control mechanism of the body and will eventually cease to function as such. They are temporary constructs and will one day ‘ decay ‘ as we progressively transcend them. The True Self is Life and is permanent and everlasting. It is an infinite, never ending energy flow that is the source of us all. Take a little time to consider this: if you become One with your True Self,’ you will become One with others as well. Then you will, in turn, become One with the Oneness of the Universe. If you choose to separate yourself from this energy, you will die. Come with me to a place that the mind has not visited thus far in this incarnationating experience. It is the field of your divine heart, the Oneness of your Soul and Spirit.

It is here that you can choose to just be. This field of the pure potential energy is always available to you. How do you access it though? By realizing that the only thing that really matters iswho you arebeing, in the ever-present now.

It is here that you can just BE with whatever arises. Here you can just enjoy the present with the present. Here you can just BE still and listen to the silence within. This silent stillness within can be accessed at any time and under any circumstances. Here, no past is remembered and no future is anticipate. The only thing that you will record here is that you are, right here, right now, ever-present Right Here.

How could one possibly forget such an ultimate truth? If one does, one can choose to, again, escape into a time and place that he or she created in their minds. Nor can one just stop this continuing process and simply be absent from it all. One has to know the deeper reasons for it and accept them as part of their path in life.

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On The Fifth Day Of Christmas (The Story Of Theativity)
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