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Oh, How Deep The Heavenly Father’s Love

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When it comes to God, we have no doubt that our Almighty Heavenly Father is incredibly loving and dually acquainted with us personally.

Inclinations toward Love

Many, many religions remind us and remind us continually that God loves us. We read of this in so many different places in the holy bible. For instance, in the New Testament, John tells us that “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). That is a pretty straightforward statement, isn’t it?

Well, it is “obligatory”, as our dear Father is so fond of repetition in the holy bible. In John 3, Jesus himself says the very same thing in very strong and clear language. He says that anyone who believes in Him is automatically descended into Him – not just whosoever believes in Him, but every single one who believes in Him – because He is the Father of Lights, Jesus is the Lights (John 1:9) and in Him, all kinds of Light is shining: “And now, without taking many words, here I think it sufficient to say, Christ is in you, the hope of glory” (Col 1:9).

So what does all this have to do with God being love and a Father? When we exercise our free will, and make choices, do we choose to love God or to hate Him? It seems so simple to me. Here is what my wise mother used to often say to me when I was a little kid. “Choose God’s way and love Him or the world’s way, and the devil will be your enemy.”

Well, when it comes to God, my dear fellow human beings, does it get any easier? When you choose to love God, love His son Jesus, and hate the world, does the devil become your enemy? Argh! I sure hope not!

Why We Must Be Unceasing in Our Prayers to the Lord

Exercising the heart to love God our Father, and to hate the world as ourselves, is not an easy task. It is a task of the will, and I have known of no other way to pray than this one.

You may say that there are other ways to pray, and that you are a good person and have a good heart.

Well, let me tell you that your “goodness” does not qualify you to be on the side of God praying throughout the day. 1964 uncertainty and failure have made it impossible to do so. I have tried it many times, and I dare to say that there is not one time that I have genuinely prayed throughout the day as I keep on praying my virtually helpless intercessions.

There are a lot of reasons why I could not genuinely and consistently pray throughout the day. But I keep on praying. I feel better every day that I spend in prayer, and the secret of my success is simple:

The secret of my success is rather simple:I do not condition my mind to be consistent in the law of God.

That is, I do not stress out about the problems I encounter or even about the things that people think of me as doing. Instead, I let my mind just go on what God thinks and think about things. Thus, I become more and more like God.

More precisely, I use the following techniques:

So, keep on praying that God’s will be done. For the rest of your days, commit to keep your mind perfect and your heart holy – and your life will be the same.

Easy Ways to Feel Better Each Day

Here are a few ways to feel better each day. These techniques are especially good when you feel down, sad, depressed, or even when you want to feel better. These little gems will help you:

Each time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, immediately replace it with a positive one. Each time you find yourself being Negative, just say, “That’s not true.” Don’t let yourself be immersed in the darkness of negativity. Licking the wounds of those Negative thoughts is a job that all believers are called to do.

Each time you find yourself seeing a challenging day in your life, instead of getting sour about it, see it as an opportunity to think about some good things. After all, that’s what keeps us alive. Seeing things as good will help you feel better.

Each time you are tempted to get angry, instead of getting angry, pray. After you pray, think about everything in your life as a God-given opportunity, and try to see it as If (it is) as good.

Remember that your greatest enemy is still your own mind. Be certain your mind is operating in the Light.

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Oh, How Deep The Heavenly Father’s Love
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