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New Thinking About Spirituality


The concept of a human, which is a combination of body and soul, first appeared in the history of our species around 4,000 years ago. For thousands of years the significance of the human, as the brass desired in the crucible, was to provide as a striking instrument of labor in behalf of the organization of society and the propagate the human family. The development of our species depended upon the successful outcome of the final goals of the Creator.

The new thinking which is creating a new culture of individuals and organizations is now enabling them to invent new ways of utilizing these features of our species, that once were provided as a potential evolutionary edge over other species, in the process of progress in mental and spiritual evolvement.

There is nothing in this natural world, which is the product the thinking process of an intelligent Mind, which is operating within the infinite intelligence of the universe, which Himself is the grand cause of all events, and which seeks by the development of each individual to express his individuality, to express his desires, to conquer thoughts other than his own, and to discover the truths of his reason for being.

transcending the limits of the human, as an individual and a society, which are expressed in the present earth plane as in the plane of duality of matter, in the process of evolution, and finding a new way of life that will express the needs and the desires of the human heart that will in turn transcend the physical plane that is the expression of our animal nature.

The absolute necessity of the survival of the human species as a species and the survival of the earth plane through which the consciousness of humanity must travel to higher worlds, to higher planes of pure spiritual thought, is the fact that a new consciousness of species is now taking hold of the human race.

Each new generation brings with it a level of understanding and consciousness that is expressed in a greater physical body, that is expressed in a new society that is more enlightened, that is less subject to the influence of bigotry and fundamentalisms, and that is more capable of understanding the whole significance of the earth plane and of the earth car that it is moving through.

One cannot understand the earth plane without first understanding the greater earth plane that is represented by the greater body of the human species.

The truth of the matter is that the earth that we know is symbolic of a secure hold of the human species upon the physical plane; and that the earth plane represents a level of evolution of consciousness where the potential for evil, regression and total destruction has been overcome through the vision and energy of the species itself.

The impersonal rule of Law of the Universe is the Law of God, from the point of view of the human species.

It is a mistake to think of the universe as material only, in that the material represents a limitation of the mind of humanity. The universe is in a state of continuous creation, and therefore the human species is a product of this process, which because of its own degree of evolution and creativity, is virtually incapable of understanding the magnitude of its creative involvement, and is amazed in amazement that even little pieces of matter behave in a divine manner.

The many events happening before our very eyes, are ‘playing out’ in the physical setting to teach us in the process of growing pains, how to advance to greater elevations in the future, through the constant reinventing of itself, the physical universe.

Since this is true, you can expect to learn something of the real inner meaning of what is going on here.

You can expect to discover that what you are dealing with here is a constant expansion of your consciousness in the direction of worlds beyond your own.

The interesting thing about all of this is that you (the human species and especially the young), are utterly ignorant of the real inner meaning and inner thrust of this current inner thrust, this current set of creative aims that is a current flowing through your very veins and it is you to whom the meaning is addressed, the more advanced Entities that work upon the earth plane.

You are not involved in these expanded earth preparations of the heart of the universe but you are directly involved in the final creation of the earth plane, and though it is you that are going to end up with your planet, it is now the earth that is ending its reign as the dominating planet of universal influence.

After you are gone, the earth will be the new bidding of the Universe. And the illusion is going to be totally broken down, you will be forced to look at reality as it really is.

There is no divine degree of difficulty in the earth difficulty, for the difficulties that confront the earth are all more easily dealt than you imagine they could be, and that included is the underground water tunnel, under the massive weight of mountains, that could double as a tunnel entire with a flooded tunnel system of total capacity.

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New Thinking About Spirituality
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