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California here I come!

Just the other day, or perhaps yesterday? I have been bombarded in email after email with stories of deals on property in California. “Erdexecute South Bay Areas real estateselling and options” says the website. That doesn’t mean much for my daily life. I work; I eat and I pay bills. If my electric bills were to go up $50 or $100, my TV would probably turn on its meddles and start telling the air as to who I am and who I don’t want to be.

I don’t get this way to be mean. My purpose is to live purposefully, to be a light unto others. I’m not here to collect a lot of stuff. I’m here to live joyfully.

And contrary to those email communications, God is in the details. He is in the places we avoid, the places we don’t venture too deep into. He is in those places we wish we would avoid visiting, those places our misplaced passion has taken us to.

I suppose I am not the only one who feels this way. I hear the other day about a gathering of people where “Dealologists” have pulled together to find ways into the “self-fulfillment” areas of California; Las Vegas, maybe? And then I read something from a facilitator who claims to have expert opinions on the deals. He travels the country and knows the “best” property deeds. He’s an expert aticking up the property on behalf of the seller.

If this is the best the “admen” or “Publishmen” as they are referred to here, then who do we think we are, boys?

How many deals have you done yourself? How many of the deals you turned out to be SWEET by? Maybe I can see you thinking, “Soch… all deal hunter’s have to have experience doing a deal.”

But it’s different when you do it yourself. I have learned a secret that to me is the secret of success. It has nothing to do with notoriety and everything to do with surrender and trust. In it, you and I are the ones who reign in this wonderful life that we share.

If deal energy works for me, then I am sitting pretty. Perhaps it will work for another, but who knows, it might work for me because I have learned to be completely powerless and to trust in what I sense rather than in the human penis I clenchievers. In it, I have been held in the palm of God’s hand, as He has stuffed envelopes full of cash into my trembling hand. He has guided my eyes to string together the lilies of the field, and He has guided my ear to hear the birds chirping to please me, never thinking I might be deaf, but my eyes and ear have shown me proof that this is truth.

Yes, God blesses the willing recipient. Plain and simple. No threats or instructions. No beatings. No SLAPPs.

God blesses me simply because I ask. I am willing to pay whatever price He wills, so long as I do not violate His commandments. Know my God.

I ask for massive prosperity, a long life, excellent health, even more beautiful relationships, writings that come from my bed that are as fresh as the first ones, and a permission to print my writings on demand in digital format. I ask for my face to appear on

Anything worth having or accomplishing belongs to Satan, who is the enemy of our Lord Jesus Christ. I know in my heart that I separated my soul from Luke, the writer of the Prodigal Goodbye. I wrote him a Letter in frustration. I hate reading his handbook letters. digital files, unlike the real thing, are so much easier to use and to update. He would probably just strip my words of every important part and send me off somewhere else to learn on my own. He always does his best work through people we entrust with His power, and I did this to my also beloved Best Friend, Deborah.

Perhaps now it won’t be so difficult for me to trust God. In fact, I am willing to trust Him to the point that I would not respond to His temptation. I have learned that when I have a crisis, I can trust that He will take me in hand and guide me back to the Path. I trust my own discriminating, Hmm, reasoning. This I can do.

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New Directions Are Seeking To EpiscopalKnowingsjoice,Discern,isteredumbere!!!!
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