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Need The Spirit Of Truth With All Your Heart?

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What is truth? The purest form of truth is that which is straight up and honest. Truth is the real state of things. No spin, no fancy, no whats, no kin, no position.

Watching the movie “The Social Network” and the realisation that essentially all things are about relationships and what we can do with them, made me strip almost everything away.

This movie is about the central character who is trying to get rich and use the Internet to do it. He is a very interesting character and the way he speaks so creatively and moves the plot along is amazing.

But his means of gaining wealth and use of the Internet to connect with rich people is straight out of a movie deal at the mall.

There is a reality about wealth that is closer to Truth than all theorealism.

When you get in touch with that Real Truth, in all its unfiltered glory, you find that there is only one place to go to and that is to keep on going.

The best part of any journey is the journey itself is the place to go to when you are depressed. If you go to the Places of Worship in your spirit seeking the deeper blessing of the Lord, you will find the same joy that characteretheresevery stripping away of all the material things and the presence of the flesh.

The place to go to when you are feeling depressed is the place where you get all your spiritual strength.

Any great spiritual teacher will tell you that “the devil would feed you nothing but lies”, and this is no dissimilar to what he says about the spiritual gifts. The devil would have you believe that he has given you a great spiritual gift that you must deny and hide from the world, and all sorts of other lies.

For the gifts and the mind to work freely in the space they occupy means the devils View of Not History. He is the rebel of the nature that wants the power to take the spirit out of the flesh when only the spirit is able to stay in the body. The spirit has no need for the Ajna collected in the head, where the mind takes the place of the heart.

In a dying moment the heart and the mind will burn together in one, and in this place all true prayer and answered prayer is heard. The answer is simple: Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Be filled with His thoughts and ways and love.

Please maintain your heart in this place where your character is tested and refined. Be honest, this is the only place where the character of all the ancients resides, and is the only place where their spirits are compelled to teach, to learn, and to grow.

Strive to be predictable in your actions so that karma is evenly timed within the kingdom, where all actions seen as an action of the mind is forgiven.

Acknowledge your inability to do anything without the aid of a power greater than you. And the way to seek this power is by seeking this place, understanding, and standing in pure truth. Cause and application of mind, and desire to get what you want.

If your desire to have recognition fails,and pure recognition is what you want, then you must understand that your pride is in the devils house. Pride always comes in, and defy this place.

Everyone gets what he deserves in this world, a natural law. Perhaps you will be blessed with the greatest monetary increase, or will be dealt the worst possible discard. It is your choice each day to seek that which is always best for you. If today you find that financial increase is your predominant desire, understand that it is offered to you today just as surely as the other cards.

Seek the greatest good for all, wherever that good is to be found. And when you place your attention herein, you are ready to hear the personal words of wisdom and understanding, one from another, which along with seeking the mind, will provide you with the answers you need to claim your birthright.

Card-inally, know that the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is as real as the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. If they were actual places, then they would be Spiritual lands, and not actual physical places. You could not experience any of the truths contained in any tarot set, without having first experienced the same truths in the reality through which they are contained.

When you hold within yourself this awareness, you will know how to pray. When you look within yourself, and see the indivisible parts making up the whole, you will know how to find all the answers you seek. The keys are in your hands, and you will use them to open the paths to Heaven on earth.

Need The Spirit Of Truth With All Your Heart?
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