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Mystical Help With Illness And Struggles – Out-of-Body Experiences


Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper Red Hat, among other spiritual practitioners, shared with me an out-of-body experience he had many years ago. He was lying in his Cherokee Grandmother’s caretaker’s home in the early morning hours. After he had been caring for her, he moved to the backseat of the car and fell asleep.

His grandmother walked up the steps to the front of the house and bump into a wall. She looked behind and saw a small brown man, small frame, with long straight black hair, sits behind a small brown table. She glimpsed a flash of a person coming from a room behind the kitchen island, then turned to face the house and saw the small kitchen island surrounded by a large black dog and two white children in blue clothing, one of which was Red Hat. She glimpsed him again as she turned around to face the house, then saw him standing at the front of the house, and in an instant a calm came over her and the door flew open and closed. She glimpsed a young girl, Miss Johnnie, in apron. She came to her, stood in front of her, and said, “I’m glad to see you, Miss Fuller.”

The Cherokee elder explained to her that her grandmother had asked Spirit to visit whenever she was in need. She had seen this man a few times in her dreams. She asked the man if he was indeed the Creator. He said he was and he introduced himself as Cherokee elder and Cherokee Grandfather Johnosis, also Cherokee healing practitioner.

The grandmother explained to her what the white people were doing in the sacred place and told her to work quietly so the real Creator would not be disturbed.

After several more conversations, she asked the Grandfather to tell her what he had told her several times before. She wanted to stay in the light. “Go ahead,” he said.

“When I first met you, I was so weak and sick that I thought you had sent me there to die,” she told him.

“No, grand-daughter, I did not send you to die,” he assured her. “But your soul had other plans. It wants to learn important lessons so it will eventually return to the Light and its kingdom.”

While talking, she sipped some elder blossoms in the kitchen and bit into a few blossoms, too. Suddenly, she wasbers, and tears slipped down her cheeks. She quickly wiped them away and said, “I’m sorry, but I didn’t know what my life was about and what each breath means. I guess I was in the dark.”

“You are in the Light, Grandfather. In the Light there is only love and truth, no darkness or illusion.”

“Oh, yes, yes. And I was in the dark and didn’t know what to do,” she said, laughing. “I asked Spirit to help me find my way out of the darkness, and it gave me a vision of the fairies that I had carved out in my imagination.”

“That’s good,” he said. “Now go to the kitchen and tell the grand enchantment of the flstice.”

She went to the kitchen and returned with several knives and placed them on the counter. She then went back to the bed where she had been sleeping and she began to carve, layer by layer. By the time she had finished, she had carved seven jack-knives, twelve blue stars, and seven sprigs of rose.

“Good,” he said, and he grabbed her skull in his hand and pulled her up. “Let’s go eat breakfast and look at our new creations.”

She got up and went into the kitchen and began to gather a basket of eggs, however, the swinging doors wouldn’t shut. She unlocks one and her laughter recorder dons her ears. “Stargazing, Grandfather!”

“Let’s go eat breakfast. I’ll take a look at the recording first, Grandmother.”

She went back to the living room and picked up a slice of bread from the banana peel. Smiling and carrying her knife, she went back to the bedroom and stood on the weakest sill hoping she might still hear his voice.

Most of it was gone at this time, just her Grandfather’s voice and occasional thoughts of her teachers. Rattle swings and tap sounds are the only sounds heard after the crack of death and before, a total silence.Listening intently to the live recording, she felt him behind her, felt him push against her back, the hallowed feeling of his great size and the ground beneath his feet. It was quiet.

As she turned to face him, he was gone. She turned back to the recording.

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Mystical Help With Illness And Struggles – Out-of-Body Experiences
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