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Mysterious Veil Of God’s Secret Fate And Destiny

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There is a mystery which no one can completely holes or completely understand. This mystery is neither seen through the physical eyes, (eredoesn’t see it) nor with the physical brain, (eredoesn’t know it). The humanity in general perceives this mystery when they try to find answers by using the basic tools/methods that they have learnt during the course of existing in this physical world.

First of all, we have to understand our own self. We a re all the things that we want to be or have as an entity. There is a self to everything which has a definite shape and fixed size. The head is an exception, as the entire universe head is an exception.

Our self is an entity which is neither head nor heart, (though these are part of our self) the other much more important aspects like our self is a whole. Our self is an invisible entity on a mid level of the spiritual body. The mid level of our spiritual body is an exception, due to the fact that this level is where the whole self exists. This spiritual self has a special reference point which is its heart. The heart, for the moment is considered as the soul of our self.

Imagine a snake on a low hill. The head of the snake is in the sky pointing its head towards the ground. The head of the snake is a part of the spiritual body, while still exist as a whole. The two hands of the snake are the hands of one god, the god of snakes. The lower part of the snake is the human body. The upper part of the snake is a part of the spiritual body. The head, tongue, brain, and shoulders are parts of my own self.

NO! The heart, the soul, the whole self cannot be seen from a particular level of the spiritual body. The reason? The spiritual body has no eye, ear, nose, and mouth, and nothing on the physical level can be seen, the divine has no physical body.


Throughout the day, beginning in the morning, and lasting for the rest of the day, practice totalifixion. Totally disappear into the spiritual shadows. Unless you practice totalifixion, you’re not going to be able to leave the body, even if you go on a self-hypnosis. To do this kind of hypnosis, a person usually listens to soothing music and lies on his or her bed, closes his or her eyes, and weaves his or her hands in a peculiar way. Eventually, the spiritual realm will start weaving his or her hands into a webbed silk fabric. You can feel the fabric take shape of its own shape. This is the first stage of totalifixion.

As you can see, dying is a psychological prelude, where the human mind enters a state of subconsciousness where something essential is going to be revealed. As this revelation unfolds, it can become frightening, especially if the event doesn’t occur exactly as the soul intended. This is the Universe’s (God’s) way of proceeding with eventualities in mind. Everything happens for a reason, however, the ultimate reason behind everything always remains a mystery.

— explanation of the astral body —

In addition, certain factors must be considered by the soul before it agrees to leave the physical body. This idea is complicated and has been explained in metaphysical books. One of the conditions for the soul to enter the spiritual realm is the shedding of the mortal tabernacle, or body. The soul must also forbear to sin (idolatry, pride, anger, and so on) and to preserve its goodness. The soul is under the laws of Karma, and in certain circumstances, it may be difficult for a sinful soul to revive from the spiritual realm. The soul is not omnipotent and is subject to the limitations of the Law of Mind. It will automatically set the stage for the unfolding of its inner divinity, and it will be given aid when it is ready. It will Gideon responding to its actions with a voluntarily act i/e partial regenerate.

The spirit, for purposes of this discourse, is the power house of the soul. It is the effective cause of its/our individualization, and it is the essentially divine force through which the soul is transformed and made a living part of the Universal Life Force. The spirit is the integral medium of the soul from which our individualized selves proceed to function in the realm of the absolute from a highly developed state to an extremely undeveloped state, just as the physical body is the highly developed form of matter that enables the entity to manipulate in the three-dimensional world. The spirit is the spark of life that animates and manages the vital physical spurs and etheric webs, and it determines the end aims and objectives of the soul.

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Mysterious Veil Of God’s Secret Fate And Destiny
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