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My Book Of Shadows Spells And Other Contents

Here is a list of my books of shadows spells for use with my Wicca Beginner’s Guide. They are smallSpells, which will explain how to set them up. Some are old fashioned, but still very effective.

There is also a section on Spells, here, which outlines some of the different kinds of spells, and how to choose the right one for you.

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Use these books of shadows spells with your Wicca Beginner’s Guide. They are only rules, guides and suggestions. They are suggestions guide only. You are the one who gets to choose what kind of spells work best for you.

Black witches can use a pentacle or pentagram as an anchor and a focal point for the spell.

There are many different kinds of spells, and many different kinds of people that perform them. Some of them you have seen before, and some of them are brand new. A Wicca Beginner’s Guide is like a tool, to show you different ways to perform certain spells. Some of them will work better than others, if you are performing them incorrectly. If you don’t perform a particular spell perfectly then it will not work at all.

Spells are only suggestions, and not promises.

Use your best judgment in selecting a Spell.

Perform your desired spells exactly how you desire them to be performed.

If you are unsure if a spell is appropriate for you, or if it is a spell that you should not perform, do not perform it.

Trust your intuitions and instincts. You are your own best judge.

These are only suggestions. There are many different ways to perform a Wicca Beginner’s Guide. The Wicca Beginner’s Guide is like a cheat book. Use it only as directed. unintentionally using it for anything else other than a beginners guide, will bring dire consequences!

L honor and dishonor is created through actions;

It is only possible to create what you desire through positive and negative forces, and through the mixing of positive and negative energies.

A witch’s power is limited to the depth of her karma.

Because of this, a witch’s power cannot be attacked in any way, no matter how much spell power is utilized.

A witch’s power cannot be manipulated or broken as long as she is focused on her intent.

A witch focuses on the spell, and the energies being cast, to become more clear about the intentions for the spell.

All energies are neutral.

Negativity is only possible through the actions of another source outside of the witch.

The negativity does not belong to the witch.

Once negativity is acknowledged and removed, there is only darkness, and darkness is not evil.

The negative energies are tools used to separate us from the natures of the spirits who would Fill us with their energy.

Returning a nearly completed spell to a good beginning is just as easy as burning a wick full of extinguished match head.

Never let anyone tell you that you must perform a full spell of some sort, or suffer for any other spell. Much less that it takes no effort on your part at all.

Spells do not have to be complicated or hard to perform, nor do they need to have a lengthy ingredient list to be shared as a collection of ingredients to be mixed together correctly.

Run a cup of tea and a spell of some sort in the comfort of your own home, and watch what begins to happen.

This spell is good for any witch, who is at least:

All of these questions are intended to give you a place to start thinking about spells, and the things that you might want to include or exclude from your own spell creations. Spells are like puzzle pieces that can be as simple or as involved as you desire.

Ponder on what kind of things you might have an intent or purpose for when performing a spell. Then consider the meaning of the occult term and its definition in your particular dictionary. It can help a lot to get the definitions of occult terms from a reliable dictionary.


LetsPreparation· Before the spell is cast· About how to commit the spell to its spiritual· Casting the spell· Cast the associated energy· tantalizing the target· visualizing the target· channeling the target· draining the target· inducing a state of· All of these things· Without laying a foundation· Hand everything over to the deity· ensuring the outcome is· On your own or somebody else’s time and terms

Casting a spell requires a large amount of preparation and a large amount of faith.

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My Book Of Shadows Spells And Other Contents
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