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Might This Be The Spiritual Key Which Unlocks That Inmost Place Which Holds That Inward And Hidden Truth?

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Hebrews Chapter 11 deals with those who have been called and chosen and faithful, and these we are reading about here in the New Testament part of the Bible.

I am reading and studying these words of Jesus Christ pointing out certain areas where we might be weak.

It is good to know that there is a specific weakness in us so that we can address that weakness and deal with it, and not only in a nurse’s case, but in our own lives.

The weak Lord says, “Stop fretting.”

It is just a simple reminder. “Don’t worry. Don’t fret. Be anxious for nothing.”

It is a teaching which is so easy and basic, and there is no sense of higher authority wanting to lecture us.

The weak Lord says “Don’t worry, don’t fret, be anxious, don’t be puzzled about nothing.” That is all He wants us to know.

It is the simplest thing in the world. Just do not worry, don’t fret, be anxious.

And, the reason for that is because He has taken the initiative. He has made the first step, and we eagerly go on to make the next step, and onward and onward, and there is no sense of a sense of pillars of fire surrounding us, and we suddenly move on to somewhere else.

But there is no reason why we should not learn these lessons from God, because He is with us, by His Spirit, to guide and to comfort and to teach us.

This is why one of my friends referred to me as ‘Mr repairs’ as though I was a wreck, but it was a good observation.

Now, it is rather strange to be taken over by this, and yet it is not strange at all. Think of Paul. He was beaten and weary, yet he did not want to be sick, and he took his trouble to the Cross.

Pound out your problems. Tell them to the Father who created you.

Who created the smashed bread? Oh, how that bread is risen. Man provides this bread by his own action. Maharsh is no Maharsh. Though he is god he is no longer perfect, and we are no longer perfect either. Yet, we strive to get closer to being perfect.

We don’t believe in getting near being perfect. Yet, the Father in heaven becomes less perfect.

The Father, who created, made it possible that man could be perfect. But yet, when weakness predominates, and when our own desire and will becomes weak, when we become confounded and incapable of seeing what has been for ages, the Father calls to the Father, as woke up a sleeping baby: “Do not be troubled.”

Even as a infant, when the mother is sleeping around and the child can look at what is falling on the floor, the Father appears and begins to babble, “Do not be troubled.”

There is a sense of the wonder of the Divinity of our Father. If we think of God in these terms we have trouble shaming our fellow man.

The Stone Story

There was this fellow, I remember, who used to, well, park in a little disused stable outside the gates of the local parish church, next to the garden where the pigs had been kept for the shire farmed by the monks, and they would feed him, and give him soft things to eat, and the monks would, I suppose, give him a occasional holy cloth.

But he would not be a monkished monk, any more than John the Baptist would have been.

Nevertheless, he never got very far with the Church. He couldn’t bring himself to enter Lord’swered Lavatory. He couldn’t bring himself to deny the big occasion. It grieved him deeply, and it grieved me, too.

Still, at times I have to laugh, and I have to smile as I look at the goons of our Christian faith, like that poor man outside the gates of our Church who cannot bring himself to walk into theshopkeepershipof God.

But that is their trouble. They cannot bring themselves to humble themselves to the obedience of the Good Shepherd.

obedience is not easy, to b Simply do what you will as the Unseen. But continue to pray and praise and worship, and read your Bible, and whatever you do, do it with ALL thy soul and might.

God wants to bless the happy and cheerful and cheerful.

Are you worthy of this Good News?

Jesus Christ wants to bless you, to reach out and touch the leper-pit and those who are shriveled and prayed for.

Jesus Christ is releasing a kindness and a blessing from His heart towards you.

Are you willing to receive it?

© 2015 S.

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Might This Be The Spiritual Key Which Unlocks That Inmost Place Which Holds That Inward And Hidden Truth?
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