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Mastering Astral Projection: What Is Astral Dimension?

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What Is The Relationship Between Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming?

As with all psychic abilities or talents, whether we are good or bad, psychic or spiritual, we can either master it or keep it to ourselves. We can either struggle with it and use it selfishly, or we can put it to use for the greater good of the world and others.

Consider, for a moment, if you were able to turn into an ocean or a large lake. Is it possible that you could, by yourself, really master it? Can you stand in the middle of it, or would you need to have friends or family near you to help you? Even the water takes effort – you have to stand and Meditate every day, to let go of the outer world, to get all the uncomfortable emotions and expectation going towards the shore. So Meditate every day and every day. As you are getting ready to leave the physical world, even if it is an instant death, think about what you want to gain from this, for example peace of mind, or even a release of anger or a family member who has pushed you too far.

Surely you can see where this is going; obviously we can’t change life or even our own behaviour, but we can influence it to be something we can influence, to be something that is worth living for.

But how can we influence it? This is the fascinating part. In a nutshell, we can influence our surrounding by visiting the “Astral Plane” and making friends there, even though we are on the physical plane. So our friends in the Astral can influence us, annoy us, get angry with us, but it is all about where and how we think and feel, rather than necessarily about what they are doing.

This can be a bit scary at first, and I don’t recommend people just plunk down some drugs and sit in front of a flickering candle, as one naturally wants to be prepared for whatever comes next. But it is incredibly powerful if you do it for yourself, to make the proper preparation to leave your physical world, and prepare for what then happens next.

I almost died during one of my O.B.E.s when I suffered through the symptoms of black vomit, which is a sign that you are turning into a mindless beast. I managed to get through it unharmed, but I did see quite clearly that I was dissolving away to a place which was nothing other than a dream. I could see this physical world was a hologram, a magic dream that somehow we are all bound to.

If we can’t be physical beings in this world, then perhaps we can be spiritual beings in an O.B.E., and this is the true meaning of ” Astral Dimension” that we can use as our interpreters, according to Dr. Lester Levenson, who was my principal researcher.

We are all cosmic medudns, multidimensional beings with bodies who can in fact journey to the Astral Plane or other dimensions and be a part of any of our others selves in any given moment of NOW. This is why our beliefs can change from place to place, because those who believe in us can see each other and interact with us if they want to, and do.

But whatever belief we carry, that will be our reality because our beliefs create our reality. If we believe that we are human beings trapped in a physical body, then that is what we will experience. But if we believe that we are fragments of cosmic consciousness that are aspects of the infinite God-consciousness, then those beliefs can play out in our lives even more dramatically.

What is your belief? If you believe that you are a person, that is what is real to you. If you believe that you are a collection of your personality (SPs), which is how you identify yourself spiritually, that is also your reality.

Your beliefs are resolving the theology and psychology of who you really are. Could you care less about what society tells you, and focus your attention on what is real to you? Without question, that is the way to evolve to the consciousness level that apocalyptic thinking is trying to evolve into.

You can explore your beliefs directly. There are hundreds of excellent programs available, which explore the beliefs available in Spiritual counseling and EFT methods. These methods can Tears down the walls of psychological bondage and replace them with the openness of reality and empowering knowledge.

What we lack, which we call “authority issues,” these ancient issues of separation and our inBindness to that which is perceived as separate and outside of us, causes us much conflict and pain.

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Mastering Astral Projection: What Is Astral Dimension?
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