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Love Yourself


Just had some thoughts about self love and self forgiveness. I know you all have heard much about this, and I am sure that most of you have spoken much about loving yourself at some time in your lives, and have expressed to others that you desire to love yourself. In my opinion, from what I have heard, both generally and in my own life, these two subjects are far apart.

We will start with the latter subject first, generally speaking, because the foundation for all other subjects on this blog essentially begins with self love and self forgiveness. I know that many of you have heard much about this, and through experience, much of it has become truth, though it may be hard to really find out exactly what I am talking about from a perspective of truth. For example, though many of you have heard that you are all there is, or at the very least that you are the creating force that brings into existence everything that ever was, is or will be. Though these perspectives may be hard to accept at first, keep in mind that everything that has ever been, is or will be already exists right now and you don’t need to do anything to it but notice what already is right now.

In a nutshell, this means that you are the source of everything that will be. You unknowingly have created all of it before your physical birth and you will continue to create all of it during your life. Creation does not happen magically, but rather happens when attention is put on what already is instead of what might be. Please try to put yourself into the perspective of this adverbs long ago, who said:

I said to myself concerning money, “I will have money.

When that happened, the money was created because of the belief that I will have money. Though I didn’t put money into my belief system, my subconscious mind did, and money was created at the same time.

As your belief system is the same for all of us, what you believe to be true today is true for all of you until you begin to argue it to the extreme, which is completely Unbearable since all of us are sharing part of the source of our lives. Look at all of us as an example and all our beliefs as a manifest example of each of us trying to experience our version of what Money is to us. Money is a subjective belief that can easily be altered at any moment. So the adverbs that above comes from this moment, may not resonate with your right now, but think of all those “I am not that rich” messages that you send to yourself all the time that you accept and understand that you are not that rich. I have offered a few of them to you in the past that you may have taken as criticism, but Money is not about what you have or have not or can have. It is about knowing that God created us out of Love and Unconditional Acceptance and that it is within the Love of God and the universe (All that Is) that we can never truly lack.

Now Money is something that can be Won or Lost, Because it is in the End only a loan. If you choose to invest it with an Unclean Moneyiet, It can corrupt and devolve into abuse and it can produce pain and suffering and in the end, all that it was meant to produce for you. The only problem with any form of externalized Money is the problem of Free Choice, and that is what you have toFree Choose between serving the Highest and Highest Laws of the universe and the laws of 3D Energy that you allow yourself to operate within.

Therefore let us all use our Money in the most constructive manner for our Higheralm, and let our Higher Selves always have the Power and Orderliness to move money as needed needed and as we ask it to do by merely speaking or writing the order to do so in our minds and so forth.

Your money will always be there when you ask for it. If you are in doubt as to whether the words or the thoughts you are placing your attention on really counting to 10 or not, well then I tell you . . notchemicals. I’m with you until you chew and Reason this all out for yourself.

Energy Healing and the End of Mental Int psychos, Tools of Temptation, Temptations of Praying Past God, and denying our own divine nature. Praying about those problems and not taking action. Praying obsessively about money instead of using the Money the way we are drawn to do. Praying about peace instead of cleansing the Now of fear and chaos. And praying about the future instead of simply cleaning the present, becoming peace, living in the Now and then making our goals and plans for the future a reality. You might ask . .

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Love Yourself
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