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How we can learn more about God and spread the word of God to every corner of the world.

Jeremiah 2:13

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

We are all familiar with the Bible, the Word of God and most of us have read it somewhere in our lifetime. The Holy Bible is the greatest source of inspiration, motivation, information and truth that exist, it is all inspiring. But there is more to the Holy Bible than just inspiring, there is more to it than just information, although all the other parts of the Bible are about God in the same way. I have not one but all the parts of the Bible that are about God and his divine plan for our lives, because it is God’s plan for us all. God’s Bible is God speaking to us, God revealing his desires for our lives.

Most of the verses in the Bible are about the Bible, his divine law, the way that God wants us to be and believe. The Bible is a book, a giant hardcover book that we can pick up and read from the comfort of our own home. There are Bible stories, Biblical paintings on canvas, Biblical plays, stories about Biblical characters. But the Bible is not just about God, it is about us.

This is why when we read it, as we are reading the Bible, we feel that it is personal. I am reading this now, and feel that I am touching something important, personal, that affects me in such a way that only God can, and by the very nature of the words, I know it.

Here are just a few examples of how we can learn more about God:

Take time to read the Bible slowly, one Bible per day or perhaps two. gradually, just inch by inch, soaking up as much as you can and seeing what clues you have within the pages of the Bible that will indicate to you where you might look to find more about God that you haven’t yet encountered.

Perhaps you have found a book called “Being A True Man Of God”. It is about the standards of excellence in the Christian walk and on how to achieve it.

Then there is a book called ” privilegedpires” or “proverbs of success” with similar themes.

Read books about the history of a culture, write and read anything that’ll help you know a bit more about the early days of our country, country and civilization.

For example: earlier this year, I read “None of Us Were Apostatic”, a fascinating book written by J.E. Da tactics, an ex-Marine who is a Muslim-Christian. I learned a lot, especially about the early years of the Church.

There are other good books about – you name it – leadership, Revival, mission, end time events, the end times and so on. There are a multitude of books, but I believe that it is safe to say there is nothing quite as exciting as reading the Bible, with it’s unique perspective, and the fact that, as the Technology evolves, the Bible itself is improving in size and readability.

Last year I went to Israel for a weekend, and it was the 1st time, as far as I am aware, that I have visited a site of ancient temples. I had always been interested in them, so it was a real treat for me, to be able to visit such sites, with the help of a tour which included an educational programme.

I am sure you are aware of the Biblical stories, of angels appearing, or people with supernatural gifts, but the story of Jesus – incarnations and gifts of the Holy Spirit – is not really covered in schools, it was perhaps the “Holy goose” to awaken the consciousness of the early church, if I may use a term which is inappropriate here, I don’t like it personally. It was certainly a incentive in the preaching of the word.

Walking around the temple corridors, we were the privileged guests in the very presence of the Teacher. He engaged us in small talk, and we found ourselves telling him the T.V. story, of how we had felt about Israel.

He used to say: “Who gives this people their being – their spirit – their power – their very life?”

powerfully But, recognising that to judge others had become a largely unbearable burden to Him in His humanity. He knew that being objective was not possible, that only the Holy Spirit could bring clarity. That evening, He made the prayer that all who recognise the prayer, will receive the gift.

Whoever does recognise the prayer, does receive the gift of power and personalised sound healing, according to the seal.

It was all so strange and beautiful and filled with reverence and mystery.

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