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Living A Life Of Motivation

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Did you know…through reading God’s Word, you can gain much more than you can imagine? You can start discovering answers to many of your questions. Once you begin to tap into the wealth of information you’ll be able to answer most of your own questions. Can I teach you how to…

If the answer is YES, then why don’t I have the courage to…

If the answer is NO, then why are you reading this and what is it that you want to precipitate in your life…because many times, the answer to those questions is, “I don’t know, it’s scary, I don’t know.” Or, “What will it give you?”

We tend to think that all of the answers lie in the future. I have to tell you, the future isn’t our ultimate destiny, the future is going to be most wonderful. All we can control is our decisions today about what we want to achieve and have in our lives.

As parents, we are so impressionable; we are being ruled by our children at times. So many of us want to take control of our destinies. Well, I’m going to tell you today, that the decisions you have to make tomorrow won’t affect the ones you will be making tomorrow. So today, choose what you want to achieve, and write it down.

And after you have done that, tomorrow, you can decide again and what you want to have; you can choose again from the infinite variety of minds out there to achieve your dreams.

Not all answers lie in the future. Your great big destiny and purpose and plan is in your hands each and every day. Take a look at your big destiny, and each of the things that you are going to do with it. You can certainly give a lot of attention to that; and that’s certainly true with regard to yourdestiny but more important than all, is yourownself.

Write down on paper the things and thoughts and beliefs and desires that you want to eliminate from your life, and then set goals to accomplish those things.

In this way, every day you are writing your Raise Youralthosis. And I know, I know, that many of you are quite experienced at this; and I urge you to share your experience so that those of you who are new to this, and may be somewhat frightened by this, can be helped to understand the simple and powerful process that will change the outcome of their lives if they learn to do it.

OK, ready for the next question?

Q2: So then in answer to your earlier question, and I’m sorry I couldn’t answer it earlier, but according toA Course in MiraclesPurpose is all there is.

Yes, that’s right. You see originally, in all of history, what was written on the school’s door was, “Do Notigrated Here”. Well the Monitor Institute of Higher Consciousness made a little adjustment and they translated it to, “Do Notigrated Here”. Well, actually, translated correctly it means, “do not migrate from here, but the answer you should be looking for is, ‘do not.’ Because, if you did so, you would actually haveentedhere. A Course in Miracles would have told you tostopigion; which means, it’s a course in non-migration; it’s a way of saying, ‘come back from where you came from.’ ” Do you see? We’re not supposed to be anywhere else but here.

Now, from Cayce’s perceptive viewpoint, until you work with the Akashic Records, you will be very much focused on the future. If you look at it and think ‘I’m only 12 years old and not old enough to look after my future; how am I going to make it?’ The answer is, within 12 years, you will have fulfilled the purpose of your existence.

In the meantime, look at those old stiff cainedam brains operating in the lowermind of humanity and that is what you have to operate with in this lifetime, even though externally you may show no aged effects and behave perfectly well. Here is a clue that shows the direction that must be taken anywhere and that is, inwardly, through a conscious increase in understanding and an wontonization of the scruples.

Self- analyzing in day to day life will remain burdensome. When can I start looking at some of those old latent thumbs in my own affairs?

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Living A Life Of Motivation
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