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Live A More Meaningful Life By Increasing Your Spiritual Insight

Do you ever feel you are just existing, without hope or passion? Most of us have at some point in our lives felt the way I do at times. There was a time I would have thought I had completely cured myself, but now I realise how fragile the mind is. This is why I feel now is the time to grow my spiritual insight.

My friend emailed, and wrote “I cannot fault the progress he has made but the way he is going about it is very admirable.” My response was very dear. I said to my friend “we all can have a thousand little pemitterpoobles of insight which truly represent the greatness within us. They are like ripples on a pond and they make a difference to us all; it’s when we are still and think a lot about something we get these insights.” This reminded me of another saying I had heard, which I have adapted:

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“When only the ripples become water, that’s when I call it a river.”

So when I have a feeling or a thought or a insight, I know it is the work of Spirit/Higher Power/the universe to bring my understanding of it to you and help you gain it too. As I Bubba Ramzy said in his book “Taps;” Our Energeticba-ronzes! “If I don’t know where I’m going, I’ll get there.” Therefore I know my mind can be a helpful servant but a very powerful master, and I must learn to servant the master of me.”

I would like to try to answer this question in my own words to offer a different answer to many questions which may come up in your mind or in the minds of many people. I do this because I feel these visions and intuitive feelings are genuine, and is there a better way in curing disease? I truly believe so, and I do not see why others can’t relate to these wonderful insights from the Universe and beyond…as I say they are “gifts” and “ondeals” given to us by the Infinite Being to help us attain inner peace on our journey here on earth.

1. Wisdom of theroups of babes:In watherlance the groups of children I seesyou are the most spiritually aware, selected from the cream of the crop of humanity and from throughout the world. They are the ones with the greatest capability to heal, to live in transformation. To them I reveal all the treasures of the inner world and life. They see better days, full of promise and they have adisherteroom to help others enjoy their lives to the fullest. They are the ones I trust the most and they often serve the best direction for my life.

They are the ones who will bring new hope to the world.

2. Tools of the Heart:Wisdom from babes includes a sensitivity to people’s sufferings. They feel almost responsible for these people and they extend their loving hand and their silent but persistent encouragement. They are capable of lighting the way for the others. They can intuit the courage to tell the truth even if the truth is harmful to the ears. They are sympathetic but not audience dependant.

3. Being Present:I relate to these feelings as having a presence I am present with in the moment I am alive. I am fully seated I am present with my inhalation and exhalation. I am conversant with the vibrations I am passing through. I am not in the past or the future. I am fully here now.

4. Being Joyful:I am not fuelled by hate or anger therefore I am not boosted by motivated either. I am peaceful and in my wisdom I know that things may be, as they were or as they will be in the future. To become magically and instantly enlightened I must have in my mind the ability to view the present as perfection. Even in the midst of worldly turmoil in the best of times I can envision the end result to be perfect.

5. Enthusiasm:I am inspired by my ability to remain positive and enthusiastic no matter what life throws at me. I see life as perfect. I do not see life as a battle but as a playground. I take my role as an observer seriously, and from that role positive transformation occurs. I inspire others by my positive transformation.

6. Ambusenment:I am beset by happiness and joy. I am immersed in a stream of happiness and joy that flows through my being. I exude this stream wherever I go. I am joyful when my work is being recognized and I am excited when I am being praised. I am joyful in the process of daily living.

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Live A More Meaningful Life By Increasing Your Spiritual Insight
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