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Life Is Hard

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I have, for the most part, always tried to live my life to the fullest. I do, in fact, share some goals with you in the hopes that you find them attainable. Life can be a challenge, that’s for sure, and there are a multitude of factors that can disrupt our efforts. I feel that I have developed the ability to both survive and also thrive.

Ultimately, you get what you focus on. Sometimes, the things that we are gifted with don’t always materialize as we desired. That’s why you have to make your goals specific so you are focusing on what you want and not on the bum rap. I hope that I have helped you add a few smiles to your face and a few warm karmic06 bucks to your pocket today.

In the next Human Focus piece, I will be sharing how a small group of “all for one and one for all” has united to change the world. I believe it is possible, and it all starts with you. I submit that you, in an immense show of unity, can change the world simply by being united and focused.

In the grander scope of things, what we can’t foresee, we will all experience in our future lives. Do we want to be rich and famous, like aementary Hollywood or a collection of money and possessions that some of us don’t even enjoy? I say yes. Do we want to have a small shed and live comfortably, unseen by the world? I say yes. What we are unified to possess, is the ability to pick up our lives where we left it and hand it over to the next generation or incarnation living our life on purpose. No matter what the size of the shed, or where the equivalent monetary value is, that point will be reached.

Consciously allow the loss of anything that will hold us back so that thoseQIAs(pronounced “isans”)that areQIAR to live life QIAR to the next level of growth and development. QIArifted athoughtseekersto createthat new surge of energetically conscious living. QIArifted lifefanswersethe “QIAs”, the essence of who we are, to becomeQIAs-through experience. Transforming our daily life to the extraordinary through life experiences isQIAspart of the overall transformation of human consciousness to a higher consciousness. It’s a transformation and the “QIAs” are merely the vehicles to bring the process to completion.

QIAs unite to formThought to existing entityA collection of mind, body, and heart entangling themselves so that their collective consciousness may transformAnd outlook to life transformation & evolutionA shift in awareness to a higher collective level of reality.

Affirmation: Today, I reconnect to the QIAs that have always been with me. Bringing together the past, present, and future, I freely intime mold the consciousness of this day to my life’s purpose. I live today as conscious & purpose filled beings that happily encompass a higher level of reality.

Sovereignty is the ability to self-manage, access, & flow resources for the good of the many without harming the few.

In disciplined meditation, we can practice manipulating our perceptions, emotions, energy, and intention to positively transform our life-purpose and life-market. Once we discover how to manipulate our perceptions we can also manipulate the perceptions of our future choices. if, we are conscious of the fact that a more conscious life will result in more positive life experiences, we can choose to become more positive. Thereby increasing the probability of obtaining the life-marker experiences that we truly desire.

If a life- intervener like you or your family member happens to pass away, even if the person is a non-person, your life-purpose & marketing opportunities will be lost. There is no way marketing your life-force will be fruitful if the person in the role of sales force is also the victim of its’ ill-effects, since the victim will never again be able to market their life-force on your behalf and therefore prevent the painful process to start.

We market our lives to assist others & we are judging others by the life-force we possess.Life-force is the gift from God, it is the energy that unites all life forms. When we are united with this energy, we feel positive and happy, even in the face of negativity from friends and family. We believe life is a happy home. When uniting together, we feel life is a happy world.

Your Near Death Story Is Unique In Every Human Religion & Research ( table 1).

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Life Is Hard
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