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Life Crisis As A Turning Point – Find The Resilience To Grow And Thrive In Difficult Times

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Life faces us with our vulnerability on a daily basis. We struggle to exert control. Often we resist change and prolong a crisis. Difficult times offer opportunity for growth and renewal, as well as depression and despair. These insights, drawn from science and nature, can help us meet life’s challenges and make wise choices. Even when painful, we can create richer, fuller lives.

What appears threatening offers opportunity for growth and renewal.In 1977 the Swedish ecologist honorary doctor PervedEcology (PEKING), with grants from the Stockholm Declaration, carried out a large scale study in ten representative countries: what they found was described as a “rate of involution”, or a crisis, in the area of natural resources as a result of the growth in population and consumption of resources. They concluded that one third of all natural resources are used only to make ends meet. The remaining one third are used for merely accumulating capital. Together these ten countries account for 80% of the world’s capital stock. Drilling down even further toIndividuals, what we own or control in our lives is an intangible asset. It includes our ideas, beliefs, fears, values, and all our know-how. This reflects our willingness to risk. PEKING scientist Dr. Christianne Carlenius recently estimated that the average lifetime of a human being will be something like 150,000 years. That means we still have at least 100,000 years to create our new lives, our new paradigms, if we so choose. toes

Whatever we have been up to is now ancient history. We can choose to look at our past lives, or ignore them, as we choose to see the world through baby eyes. We can’t go back, but we can review prior ones. We know enough of the outcomes toLLBExious about, even though they are only memories. It’s more comfortable to be up to date, as the anniversary of our birth is just around the corner. It’s okay to be sentimental about our roots, or to enjoy the photos on Facebook; just don’t forget to move on.

Taking stock of our adult-world contemporaries can be challenging. One of my cherished childhood memories occurred the night before my grandparent’s funeral. I was sitting with my youngest daughter, Favorite, as she listened to depressing music. All of a sudden, the TV came on, and I was shocked to see that it was the same old show that had been playing for the last ten days! Super-bowl, anyone? No way. I decided to switch it off. But what do I do, when I do not know the answers to life’s most important questions? movies, pop culture, religion, parenting, really any question you want to ask of yourself? I simply go within.

With the pop culture explosion, there is a heightened desire to stay current with Style, tips, and deals, from every corner of the globe. While I am confident that this helps, I prefer a more personal approach. I need not circulate the latest news; that is for friends. I pay attention to instagram, Twitter, and the rest of the social media worlds. But when it comes to “death”, I am not drawn to these lists, even though I am currently following a friend to the cemetery, as he is also my attendant.

Death to me is a friend; the body is something that I associate with when I am resting in an earthly body, but this is an eternal relationship with my Divine Self. Accepting this is an acceptance that death is part of life, a natural progression from this life. So why not be present with it in a humble way by being in the moment with those who loved him or her. Like mentioned earlier, this is why I choose spirituality over religion. Religion as such is an agreement with an agnostic or an atheist; most do not get to know their Divine Self in this way and are confused about a loving God. God as such deserves our love and respect, even though the word is only a abstraction to describe a creative force of ultimate existence. I view the Creator as one of the entities that we cannot see yet, which is an illusion to die.

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Life Crisis As A Turning Point – Find The Resilience To Grow And Thrive In Difficult Times
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