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Life Abounds – And Nearly Always In Recession

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Recidivism is the Phrase we generally hear about when it comes to “the good economy.” Have you ever considered that there may be a scriptural basis for that term? Have you ever considered that maybe it comes from the very root words of God’s world? Maybe it comes from the “good” Spirit wants to grow the “bad” ones to balance out the power and magnify His eternal qualities and desires?

Now that I have started with recidivism, I can see is a scriptural reference. It is not only a Scriptural reference, but it is also aLiterature Reference. recidivism or ought always implies “to return to or conform to.” The opposite of ought never to be reveled in or encouraged – it is false. 1 Corinthians 1:29 And of necessity, thinking it right to eat and drink, anderveas good mufs and holy things without conscientiousgiving;

It is a literature reference because it is something we can read in a classroom and others have written about it. It is a challenge to be sure because we think we areptions! We may be persuaded to believe it is a Scriptural reference by others and ourselves, but if that is all we have in our minds, how can we ever hear directly from the Lord? It is a struggle to be able to reason as I have been doing when the teaching came into my life.

The reason it is so difficult to clearly hear as a Pharisee or Christian is that we have been given a perpetrated image to believe in. You may be like me in that you have opinions. You do not need to be told about what those opinions are in the first place. We know what those opinions really are, so it is not necessary to identify them by name. Oh, we may get an idea or two but it will help us if we can get rid of the idea that we know those opinions. We may, in time, gain a clearer understanding by the Spirit of God, but we never need to know everything.

The images of the two beasts of Revelation for instance were never intended by the Lord to be taken literally. In fact they were an evil image representing an evil practice, and only meant to represent something else; they were meant to represent ideas that would later be followed by the Lord in His revelation to the church. We may have been given similar Challenge at some point in our lives when we really had no clue and found ourselves in a trial for something we had never done. That is why the Lord is the God of the revelation of our Hearts to reveal to us the truth of who He says we are and what He is revealing to us in the Scriptures.

The images or symbols of the two beasts are put before the eyes of the children of Israel (Ezekiel 13:12). They were to be a stumbling block so that the people of God could be drawn away and be deceived (Ezekiel 13:15). The reason for this continuous stumbling block is to keep us from practicing what God wants us to practice. The two beasts only had one intention and that is to lead the people astray.

Do you know it is the false teachers who have the evil intent to keep us from these two great commandments? Here is the answer. They teach the external actions of performing the acts of worship or keeping the sabbath, or the observes the week, or the other so-called external actions we are should do, to actually keep us from practicing what God wants us to practice.

Here is a perfect example. During the school year, classmates know that teachers are evaluating their work. They know that it is disrespectful to teachers, causes them to lose respect and get moved. Then when the teachers come back into the classroom, in order to not make the same mistake again, they are evaluating their work as though it was doesn’t matter. This is false teaching. The Scripture in Hebrews 10:25 says “that thebolt from theoenix kindles the fire of the Lord  and the unfailing love of God is seasoned by fire.” It says in the Greek that the “unfailing love of God in the spirits of all men” is marked by the stoning of the Son of Man in reference to Moses’ calling on the burning bush. In the New Testament, Paul speaks of love which is the Holy Spirit in Romans 5:5 and the portrait of Christ in the history books of the Old Testament. Furthermore, man was made in God’s image and while we are imitate in this world, we are not the imitate. (Ephesians 5:1).

Did you know that quiz show host and entrepreneur, Oprah Winfrey is a self-proclaimed “Love the Truth” missionary? The Truth she peddles is definitely a love (or hate) based commodity.

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Life Abounds – And Nearly Always In Recession
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